Our dogs are eager to join us and explore the veritable playground that is the outdoors, even when temperatures drop and the weather turns.

That’s why Ruffwear has spent years crafting a variety of jackets built to perform no matter what winter throws your way. Having the right gear is essential to keeping our best trail buddies comfortable and to extending the adventure.

But which style is right for your dog?

Much like the process you go through to pick your own coat, choosing a jacket for your dog comes down to a few key considerations. We’ll cover a couple questions to help you get started. Then, check out the quick overview of our full line of jackets.



Jackets with sleeves provide more coverage and more warmth. This style works well in really cold temps, for short-haired dogs who need a little help staying warm, or for long-haired dogs who get snowballs that form on their underside.

For dogs with a varied shape (i.e. broader shoulders, thicker chest, neck or legs), jackets without sleeves can sometimes be easier to fit. And since they use buckles instead of zippers, they’re easy to put on – great for aging or squirmy dogs.



Winter has it all – cold temps, dry weather, mixed precipitation, powdery snow, blustery winds. Each Ruffwear coat has key features mindfully matched to take on the varying challenges of exploring in winter weather. 

  • Waterproof/water-resistant material: great for rainy weather, wet snow conditions
  • High-loft, synthetic insulation: adds warmth in cold temps, dry snow
  • Fleece lining: adds warmth and comfort. Fully fleeced jackets (Fernie™, Climate Changer™) work as standalone insulation in dry, cool conditions, or a layering piece in colder conditions.
  • Un-lined shells: good for mild temps, windy conditions, or light rain

Inclement weather or certain activities may call for a combination of these features, either in one jacket or as a layering system. 



These jackets are designed to enhance their freedom – not impede their movement – and a good fit is an integral part of ensuring that. The best way to find your dog’s size is by measuring their girth and then referring to the size chart. Check out this video for helpful tips on measuring your pup.




Ruffwear Dog Apparel Comparison Chart
Powder Hound™ - Full Coverage Hybrid Insulated Winter Dog Jacket
Cloud Chaser™ - Full Coverage Breathable Water Resistant Winter Dog Jacket
Quinzee™ - Puffy Packable Easy Fit Winter Dog Coat
Stumptown™ - Urban Style Quilted Winter Dog Coat
Overcoat™ - Durable Abrasion Resistant Fleece Lined Dog Coat
Overcoat Fuse™ - Strong Abrasion Resistant Fleece Lined Dog Harness Coat
Fernie™ - Fleece Lined Technical Knit Dog Sweater
Ruffwear Dog Apparel Comparison Chart
Climate Changer™ Pullover - Quick Drying Breathable Fleece Dog Sweater
Vert™ - Waterproof Windproof Fleece Lined Winter Dog Coat
Sun Shower™ - Non Insulated Lightweight Dog Rain Coat
Wind Sprinter™ - Ultralight Packable Wind Breaker for Dogs


Read on for a closer look at each of our jackets. You can click through for more info on each of the jackets. And once you find the one that’s right for your trusty trail sidekick, get on out there and make the most of these cold-weather months together.

Climate Changer™ Jacket

The Climate Changer is a classic technical fleece jacket that performs as hard as it plays. Recycled polyester fleece with sleeves and a full-length zipper provides full coverage and quick-drying warmth for dogs on morning missions and everyday pursuits on cold, clear days. Wear standalone or layered underneath other Ruffwear coats for additional warmth.

Climate Changer™ Pullover

Whether the trail ahead is covered in freshly fallen leaves or a fine layer of frost, the Climate Changer Pullover is an instant favorite for dogs on cool-weather pursuits. Simplicity is at the core of this hardware-free, cozy fleece. The stretch lower panel captures warmth and sheds moisture, working in tandem with the open cap-sleeves to provide hard-to-fit dogs (broad shoulders, thick chests/necks) an alternative fit option with more coverage and full range of motion.

Inspired by springtime blooms and a dog’s penchant for making all things fun, Ruffwear designers brought a playful twist to a technical piece with our first ever pattern option: Blossom.

Fernie™ Jacket

The Fernie is a technical sweater for dogs, designed for everyday adventures from the trail to town. Advanced sweater-knit fabric has the warmth and performance of a technical fleece jacket with the look of a sweater. Cut in a sleeved style with a full-length zipper, this sweater offers full coverage and can be worn alone or layered underneath other Ruffwear coats for additional warmth.

Overcoat Fuse™ Jacket

The Overcoat Fuse distills years of designing harnesses and apparel into a single jacket-harness combo, giving dogs who typically layer gear a seamless solution for getting outside in cool weather and light precipitation. Simply slip on, clip in, and go with this rugged workhorse of a jacket that has leash attachment points both on the back and the chest. Stash pick-up bags or small essentials in the two zippered pockets.

Overcoat™ Jacket

Strong and durable, the Overcoat is Ruffwear’s cold weather utility jacket. The sturdy outer fabric is wind- and water-resistant, while the inner lining is soft, warm fleece. The K-9 Overcoat is a great trail jacket on blustery or damp days.

Stumptown™ Jacket

The Stumptown is a classic, everyday jacket that blends insulated warmth with durability. With a modern, quilted design, it’s at home in urban environments, yet its abrasion-resistant exterior shell allows this jacket to hold its own on the trail. Recycled polyester insulation provides cozy warmth on clear, cold days, and the leash portal on the back allows the Stumptown to be worn over most harnesses. From town to trail, the Stumptown combines classic style with leading edge performance.

Cloud Chaser™ Jacket

The Cloud Chaser protects your canine companion against the fickle weather of changing seasons. Waterproof, windproof, breathable 3-layer soft-shell upper fabric protects against rain, snow, wind, and cold, while insulating fabric on the underside sheds water, snow, and dirt.

Powder Hound™ Jacket

The Powder Hound blends the warmth of synthetic insulation and the freedom of movement of technical stretch fabric. Designed for high-output activities on the coldest days, Ruffwear’s Powder Hound is weather-resistant and breathable.

Quinzee™ Jacket

The Quinzee is a weather-resistant puffy jacket that offers high-loft warmth in extreme cold. Lightweight and filled with 200 grams of synthetic insulation, the Quinzee packs into its own integrated stuff sack for easy stowing in warmer temps.

Vert™ Jacket

Windproof and waterproof the Vert Jacket is the best option for storm days. This fleece-lined, full-coverage rain jacket can be worn on its own or over other layers for optimal warmth and weather protection. The Vert includes a leash portal so that it can be worn over a harness.

Sun Shower™ Jacket

The Sun Shower is a lightweight, packable waterproof rain jacket that’s great for wet, muddy romps on the trail. This non-insulating rain shell allows full range of motion and can be layered over other Ruffwear coats for added warmth and weather protection.

Wind Sprinter™ Jacket

Embrace the unpredictability inherent in any adventure with the Wind Sprinter Jacket. This ultralight, stowable windbreaker is ready for fickle mountain weather and unexpected temperature swings. Durable nylon ripstop fabric blocks blustery wind and a DWR finish repels light precipitation. When the sun returns, simply stuff the Wind Sprinter into its collar and continue your adventure.

Check out our Winter Jacket Comparison video for another look at all our cold-weather apparel.

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  2. thanks, that’s a great suggestion as that is the hardest part when she’s excited to go out. I’ll try it next time!!!

  3. I have the Fernie Jacket for my little AmStaff (as she has no hair on her belly) but the sleeves are hard to get on her wiggle butt. Anyone have suggestions on making the process easier?

    1. Hi Julie! We recommend starting the zipper first, then pulling it over their head and stepping each paw through the sleeves. Hope this helps your wiggle pup!

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