We’re Thankful

As we enter the holiday season and begin to wind down the year, it’s a great time to pause and give thanks. More than anything, we’re grateful for our friends, family, canine companions, and the time outside we spend together throughout the year. This is where we forge bonds and make memories that we carry forward into a new year of experiences. This is where we find inspiration, push ourselves, try new things, learn, and grow. We’re also thankful for the gear that helps us get out there. Below, a few Ruffwear pack members and friends share their thanks.

Eddie and Kacie

Eddie is thankful for tacky dirt trails and mud puddles. Kacie is thankful for the Dirtbag Seat Cover, because it means less time cleaning up and more trail time with Eddie.


Elise and Bailey

Elise is thankful for sunrise powder turns before work. Bailey is thankful for the Powder Hound jacket, which keeps her warm and dry lap after lap.


Liz and Bernie

Liz is thankful for Bernie’s good manners. Bernie…well, you can probably guess. The Treat Trader helps Liz keep treats on hand, so Bernie can demonstrate his good manners and earn a well deserved reward.


Tala, Cade, and Becca

Tala is thankful for slow mornings at camp, where she can relax in her cozy Clear Lake Blanket and watch the sunrise. Cade and Becca? The same, plus coffee.

BeccaBredehoft and Cade-1-WEB

Marv and Mary

Mary and Marv are thankful for nights spent outside together, under the stars. Marv is especially thankful for a meal that’s ready to go, as soon as they get to camp. Fuel up, Marv.


Jen and Millie

Jen is thankful for mild, sunny days in the high desert. Millie is thankful for fresh air and her comfortable-all-day Hi & Light Harness.


Let us know in the comments below what you’re thankful for this season, and share your stories with us on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter. Happy Holidays from the Ruffwear Pack!

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