Meet the Adopted Dogs of Ruffwear

Two questions frequently asked of Ruffwear employees are: “How many dogs are at your office?” and “Are you required to have a dog to work at Ruffwear?” The short answers to these questions are “30ish?” and “…not exactly…” (because we’re dog people, we naturally have dogs in our lives – there’s no need to require). With 30-something people and 30ish dogs in one office, there are a lot of personalities and no shortage of entertainment! And we, like many of you, love sharing stories about our dogs.

The Ruffwear dogs include all shapes, sizes, breeds or mixes of breeds, and ages. Many of them came from shelters. All of them are great office dogs. We believe that all dogs deserve active, loving homes, and supporting dog adoption is a core part of who we are — both as a company and as passionate individuals working together. Here’s a glimpse of a few (okay, a lot!) of our adopted furry companions that make coming to work each day extra special.

Mary (Marketing): Marv

Shelter/Location: S.A.V.E Rescue Coalition – Houston, Texas
What caught your attention about Marv? He was sitting in his little adoption photo with his big nose, scraggly hair, and paws facing out like a waddling duck —  I never stood a chance!
Tell us about Marv: He’s part muppet and part bear cub. There is never a dull moment when it comes to Marv. He’s a hugger, lover, ham…and athlete. He would be upset if I didn’t say how athletic he was.
Favorite shared activity: Trail running and working together everyday at Ruffwear

Marv: Part muppet, part bear cub, all ham.

Monica (Product Development): Giles

Where did you find Giles? Herd U Needed a Home – Bend, OR
What about Giles caught your attention? She was the only shy one at the adoption event, so I thought I better get her out of her crate to give her some love. She had protruding ribs and saggy teats, and was afraid of everything – including me. After fostering her for a week, it was obvious she was most comfortable when exploring outside, and she just needed a little love to bring her out of her shell.
What’s she like? Watching Giles transform and learn to trust the world around her is an ongoing process, but there is nothing more fun that watching it happen. People always say she’s a totally different dog when she’s outside, and it’s true, she’s crazy! She is happiest penguin-sliding through the snow or barreling down the trail after her favorite stick (every stick).
What are some favorite activities that you share together? Skiing and fetching snowballs

Giles: Every stick is the best stick.

Dana (Sales): Papi

Where did you find Papi? In Richmond, MO, in a cinder block building full of pit mixes and this one little dog tunneling around through mountains of donations.  His shelter name was Houdini and we soon found out why.  Fences are just a minor challenge for this little guy.  He pooped, peed, and barfed in the car on the way home…off to a great start!
What’s Papi like? Papi weighs in at 7 lbs, but all of that is determination, bravado, and sweetness. His nicknames are “Scrat,” from Ice Age, and “Spare Parts” because, well, he looks like he was made from what was left over. Papi is all adventure dog. He runs, bikes, kayaks, and swims. He is a perfect fit for our family which includes a golden retriever, lethal cat, and two teenage boys.


Colin (Product Development): Jolene

Shelter/Location: Street Dog Hero – Bend, OR
How would you describe Jolene? Jojo is inquisitive and interactive. She loves to wrestle with other dogs and play fetch in the water.
Favorite shared activity? Frisbee is our favorite game to play together.

Colin and Jojo

Kacie (Marketing): Eddie & Ellie

Shelter/Location: Both Eddie and Ellie came from La Plata County Animal Shelter in Durango, CO.
How did you end up with these two? Ellie caught my attention when I was volunteering at the Durango shelter. She was this tiny little black pup with long ears and even longer legs! And Eddie, well, I didn’t meet him until I met my now fiancé, Adam. But I know Adam had his sights set on a border collie and when he saw Eddie, it was love at first sight! A fun fact: we didn’t plan their names to be so similar! That happened by chance.
What are their personalities like? Both Eddie and Ellie are quirky, loving, and silly in their own ways. Eddie is loyal, extremely intuitive, and ball-obsessed, while Ellie is rebellious, independent, and is as-sweet-as-can-be.
Favorite shared activity? It’s a tough one between adventuring outside or snuggled up at home together. Either way, we are enjoying ourselves!

Kacie and Eddie

Kacie and Ellie

Greg (Product Development): Gus

Shelter/Location:  Fido Love
How did he get your attention? Gus was just a BIG hairy lovable guy…He fit perfectly into our family.
Tell us about Gus: Gus’s favorite thing on the planet is to run off leash through tall grass or the woods. Ok really…Gus’s favorite thing on the planet is food!
Favorite shared activity? Stand up paddle boarding

Greg, Gus, and Sophie

Jeremiah (Supply Chain): Oliver

Where did you find Oliver? Three Rivers Humane Society – Madras, OR
What about Oliver caught your attention?  How small, fearless, and adorable he was!
What’s he like? Extremely smart and attentive.  Loves to cuddle and loves food! Can keep up with and out work any big dog in the park or on the trail. Energy for days…
Your favorite shared activity? When not playing fetch with the Turnup (his favorite), we love getting our snuggle on.

Oliver at the Ruffwear office

Alli (Marketing): Riggins

Where did you find Riggins? Herd U Needed a Home – Bend, OR
How did Riggins win you over? It didn’t take much! A friend was volunteering for HUNA and told me that I needed to meet Riggins. When we visited him at his foster home, he was so wiggly! More than two years later, his nickname “Mr. Wiggles” still fits him so well.
Tell us about Riggins: I am amazed by Riggs’s willingness to try new things – and really go for it! In the past two years, he’s joined me on long trail runs, skied 45-degree couloirs, and summited many non-technical mountains in Oregon and Washington. I’ve watched him learn, grow, and mature from an uncertain puppy to a confident and trusting adventure partner. He inspires me every day!
Favorite shared activity? 
Skiing volcanoes!

Riggins on a powder day

Patrick (Founder): Chief

Shelter/Location: Brightside Animal Shelter – Redmond, OR
What caught your attention about him? Chief is a similar breed, Malamute mix, of one of our dogs in the past, and he has that sense of independence and exploration that we enjoy.
Tell us about Chief! He is a big ol’ goof, a Malamute and Collie mix that uses his good looks and gentle personality to woo you into gifting him snacks and taking him on adventures. He does this by allowing you to come to this conclusion on your own all the while coordinating your each and every move in a way that makes you think this was your idea.
What are your favorite shared activities? Hikes in the forests and deserts, romps in the snow and sometimes just taking in the view.


Rachel (Pack Support): Clyde & Nova


Shelter/Location: Austin Boxer Dog Rescue – Austin, TX
How did he catch your attention? His name at the time was “Awesome” – ‘nuff said!
Tell us about Clyde: He lives up to his nickname of Clyde the Clydesdale. He’s a gentle giant! He makes a grand entrance with his prance, he’s a leaner, and he snorts…a lot. He’s the most athletic yet lazy dog you could imagine. It’s a mystery as to how he looks so fit.
What’s your favorite shared activity? Curling up by a toasty campfire

Clyde in the Ruffwear parking lot.


Shelter/Location: High Plateau Humane Society – Alturas, CA
How did she get your attention? Her beautiful brindle coat was quite an eye-catcher!
What’s Nova like? She’s a pistol of a pup! Affectionate and sweet one minute, sassy and rebellious the next. Everything she does, she does wholeheartedly.
What’s your favorite shared activity? Scoping out the turquoise Cascade lakes


Jesse (Logistics): Rainie

Rainie’s fairly new to the Ruffwear Pack! How did she get her name? She was originally Randi, but we changed her to Rainie. Sometimes she’s the Rain Dog, or Rainerd (I don’t know why!), or just plain Red. She answers to all of them. Probably more names to come!
Where did you find Rainie? Herd U Needed a Home (HUNA) – Bend, OR
How did you meet her? One cold day last spring, after spending several hours meeting other herding dogs (collies, heelers, and a few mutts), out came Randi. From the first cold nose on our palms, we knew this dog was done working, and ready to be with HER people. It seems she adopted us.
What’s she like? Rainie has a split personality. There’s inside Rainie, and outside Rainie. Indoors, she is sweet and cuddly. Outside? Look out critters! She is seriously on the hunt.
What are your favorite shared activities? Hiking is fun, but our relationship is so new. We’re curious how she does in the snow. It’s gonna be a fun winter!

Rain Dog

Jenny (Accounting): Bailey & Pella


Shelter/Location: Live and Let Live Farm – Chichester, NH
What stood out to you about Bailey? She looked like a little yellow potato and was super snuggly with her littermate.
A potato! What’s she like now?  Bailey is super smart, sweet and athletic. She’s always up for adventure but just as content with an afternoon nap.
What are your favorite shared activities? Hiking



Shelter/Location: Street Dog Hero – Bend, OR
How did Bailey catch your attention? While we thought she had the cutest face in her photo, it was really our dog Bailey that chose Pella. They met and instantly became best buds.
Tell us about her: Pella loves people and dogs. When she gets to meet someone new, her excitement takes over and she starts an uncontrollable fully body wiggle.
What are your favorite shared activities? Exploring and snuggling

Pella is one of the newest additions to the Ruffwear Pack.

Timothy (Product Development): Jake

Shelter/Location: Herd U Needed A Home – Bend, OR
What caught your attention about Jake? When I first met Jake he was so attentive and as I looked in to his eyes, I could tell he was an awesome dude with intelligence and feelings.
What’s Jake like?  Jake is an energetic and caring fella who knows when it’s go time and when it’s time to chill.  When he’s on and it’s time to adventure he always takes it to eleven but when his humans are having a rough day he knows exactly how to cheer us up.
What’s your favorite shared activity with Jake? Backcountry trail running adventures, frisbee fetching sessions, and Tynkr Shd workshop hangouts.

Jake and Timothy

Elena (Marketing): Rio & Baya


Where did you find Rio? Deschutes Humane Society – Bend, OR
What caught your attention about Rio? Rio was in the first kennel at the shelter. We caught eyes and it was game-over. I had never had a dog in my life, but I knew this was the moment. I didn’t even walk around the rest of the shelter to see who else was there, Rio was the one. 
How would you describe Rio? 
The biggest teddy bear and love bug. Rio is a pretty classic Labrador – he loves humans, swimming, fetching sticks, running through open meadows, sleeping, eating, and cuddling. He’s such an easy going guy – I can always count on him to be there for me. He’s the absolute best.
What are some of your favorite activities together? Backpacking, swimming in alpine lakes, running through fields, and snuggling in the tent together.

Elena and Rio


Shelter/Location: Best Friends Animal Sanctuary – Kanab, UT
How did Baya catch your attention? When I was considering adding a second dog to my life, I had been scrolling websites and going to the local shelters, but I wasn’t finding that “connection” I found when I met Rio. After months of searching, I discovered Best Friends Animal Society and saw Baya’s profile. I finally had that same gut & heart feeling, ‘this is my girl!’ Two days later, she was on a plane to Bend and into my home & heart.
What’s Baya like? Baya is a firecracker! She is full of personality with lots to say. There’s no one like her & I love her sometimes-difficult attitude. She reminds me of myself in so many ways.
Your favorite shared activity? Truly anything outdoors with Baya. From playing in the snow, to trail running, to backpacking. She’s not a huge fan of swimming & water like Rio though!

Baya: Full of personality!

Liz (Product Development): Bernie

Shelter/Location: Three Rivers Humane Society – Madras, OR
How did Bernie win you over? At first I saw a picture of Bernie (at the time his name was Marshall) and his littermate in an adoption ad. The ad stated “2 month old Australian Shepherd Puppy” or something along those lines. When the foster family came out of their house with this squishy, short coated, brown dog in their arms I was very, very confused. The woman who carried him out looked at me, and then looked him and said, “this is your family,” as she put him in my arms. In that moment, I knew he was the dog for me – I don’t know why, but I just knew it. I think it was his kind eyes, playful nature, and attentive presence that won me over. Then, when all three puppies were playing together, I met the merle blue Aussie of my dreams- only to realize that he didn’t care about me, nor did he evoke the same level of kindness I felt from Bernie. I was there to adopt my brown dog, and that’s exactly what I did.
Tell us about Bernie: Bernie is 70 lbs of lap dog with a bark that might make you jump out of your skin. We’re attached at the hip. If I’m hiking, he’s hiking. If I’m climbing, he’s waiting for me at the bottom of the route. When Bernie isn’t out on an adventure, you might find him in a meeting at the office – he’d be the dog inviting himself onto your lap for a quick snooze while you discuss the task at hand.
Your favorite shared activity? Climbing at Smith Rock. Bernie loves the approach hike and then hanging out at the crag. I love having him greet me when I’m done climbing a route.

Bernie: Definitely not an Australian Shepherd.

Dani (Marketing): Vilas

Shelter/Location: Multnomah County Animal Shelter – Portland, OR
How did Vilas win you over? Her spots caught my attention. I’d never seen a dog with so many spots!
How would you describe her? Vilas is always down for a good adventure. When she’s not chasing after pinecones you can find her trail running, mountain biking, or ski touring with her two humans. She’s also been known to clear a room with her farts. 😉
What’s your favorite shared activity with Vilas? Our favorite thing to do together is trail run. She keeps the pace honest and is always willing to go the extra mile!

Dani and Vilas

Do you have a story to share about your dog? Let us know in the comments below or on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter. If you have any questions, feedback, or ideas, please don’t hesitate to bark.

Kelly (Supply Chain): Oggie

Shelter/Location: Big Dogs Huge Paws, Inc., a rescue organization that takes in large/giant breed dogs, which, because of their size/feeding requirements, are statistically the hardest to place in forever homes.
How did Oggie catch your attention? The thumbnail photo of his ad on the rescue’s website was absolutely terrible. His black face against a dark room and about all that you could see in the thumbnail were a little bit of the whites of his eyes. But it was because of the overall dark, mysterious and somewhat sad feel of that thumbnail and how well that correlated with my emotions of that period of my life that I clicked on it. I had lost my first dog ever to chronic renal failure just a few months prior and was still in the midst of mourning her loss. I read the story from his foster parents that went along with a few more low-quality images of him and an overwhelming urgency to bring him home came over me. This “little guy” (he’s a petite Mastiff at just 105 lbs) needed me and I needed him. I had never been more sure of anything in my life, so I stayed up all night filling out and perfecting the adoption application for him.
What’s Oggie like? What he lacks in easy-going “dogness” (he comes complete with a prey drive, a misunderstanding of children, general anxiety, and strong resource guarding issues), he makes up for in total melt-your-heart snuggling appeal and the cutest form of security blanket – his need to hold a stuffed animal in his mouth whenever anything exciting happens.
What is your favorite shared activity? Hiking/backpacking alone together. We are most connected when there is nothing else to hear but the sounds of our feet moving along the ground and our breaths going in and out.


Kelly and Oggie

Kevin (IT Support): River, Maverick, and Denali


Shelter/Location: Brightside Animal Center, Redmond, OR
What about River caught your attention? River was the most beautiful husky I’ve ever seen. She was super playful and energetic, almost too much! Every toy she wanted to play with, and she just had the happiest smile on her face and was just pure joy bundled up in a year old husky body just wanting to explode!
What is River like? River is a true good soul, she’s truly my heart. She loves all other dogs, and she just wants to play, play, play. She’s always waiting for the next adventure and doesn’t understand why we can’t be at the park or in the woods all the time.
What are some favorite activities that you share together? Dog parks, hikes and hitting the snow! Can’t be a Siberian Husky without snow!


Shelter/Location: Panda Paw Rescue, Portland, OR
What about Maverick caught your attention: Maverick was the most stunning, regal, majestic husky I ever saw! When I took River to meet him, they were instant best friends. His original breeder was fostering him and I found out we share a birthday. From that moment on I knew he was the one.
What is Maverick like? Maverick is not afraid to go up to anyone, basically sit in their laps and demand pets, and he’ll let you know he’s enjoying it — he growls and howls when you pet him. He’s a big teddy bear, but sounds like a grizzly!
What are some favorite activities that you share together? Maverick is my lazy husky. He enjoys hiking, but he’d much rather be laying next to me on the couch getting pets or just laying in bed all day! He likes the “husky” part of being a Siberian Husky! Did you say food?


Shelter/Location: Friends of Danali Sanctuary for Siberians and Seniors, Bend, OR via San Diego
What about Denali caught your attention? Denali is every so handsome, but he sort-of landed in my lap. A friend rescued him and he didn’t get along with her other husky. I ended up taking him in and he just completed the circle! He and Maverick became inseparable from day one! He’s a typical little brother.
What are some favorite activities that you share together? Denali is a go anywhere, do anything husky! He’s my adventure buddy building a fence, he’s helping eating tacos at the local taco shop, he’s there. He’s constantly under your feet, yet never in the way. There’s nothing Denali doesn’t like to do, he does it all. Just don’t ask him to stay home or take out one of his siblings out without him.
The Huskyteeers.jpg
The Huskyteers: River, Denali, and Maverick

Susan (Marketing): Artie

Shelter/Location: Guide Dogs for the Blind – San Rafael, CA & Bend, Oregon
How did Artie win you over? Artie’s zest for life and easy-going attitude won me over. That, and his big, velvet ears. Artie is not a typical rescue dog, he’s a ‘career-change’ from Guide Dogs for the Blind. During his first year with his puppy raiser, Megan, he was more interested in other dogs and in goofing off. Becoming a guide dog was not on his bucket list. Lucky for me!
Tell us about Artie: One of Artie’s nicknames is The Beast, which relates to his tendency to steal food from an unsuspecting hand (he is a Lab) or his love of rolling around in dirt or snow while snorting like a wild animal.
What is your favorite shared activity? He has a strange fascination with dragging huge sticks (or sometimes logs!) out of the water and then trying to carry them down the trail.


Heather (Pack Support): Khumbu

Shelter/Location: Whatcom Humane Society, Bellingham, WA
How did Khumbu win you over? Khumbu immediately laid in Noelle’s lap and we knew she was ours!
Tell us about her: Khumbu is our spirited one. She loves to run, swim, hike, and is a great help in the kitchen.
What is your favorite shared activity? I love hiking anywhere with Khumbu. It’s a joy to watch her run off the trail and circle back with a huge grin on her face!
Do you have a story to share about your dog? Let us know in the comments below or on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter. If you have any questions, feedback, or ideas, please don’t hesitate to bark.


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  1. As I scrolled down this post, I thought someone would adopt German Shepherd because I adopted ones, maybe I could read some stories about it. By the way, all dogs are great and adorable, no matter what kind of breed. “What about my dog caught my attention?” I like her happy smile and she loves to play a lot and a very active one. I burned a lot of calories while walking or enjoying some simple games. The first time I looked into her eyes, I knew she is the one for me and a good buddy as well.

  2. When was Bailey adopted? My dog Chara looks like they could be siblings! Chara is also from New Hampshire!

    1. Hi Elisha! I adopted Bailey in May of 2015. She only had one sibling though who was very different in color and size. Her mom was rescued from a shelter in Georgia and brought up to NH to have her litter in a foster home. I love it when I see similar looking dogs! I may be biased, but I think she’s gorgeous and I bet Chara is too! 🙂

      1. Oh not quite siblings! He’s from Mississippi and we got him this year! I definitely had a double take and so has everyone I showed! He had 5 siblings but they all went separate ways! Have you ever done a DNA test or know any potential breeds for Bailey? We are still guessing Chara’s since he’s around a year and a half!

        1. I have not tested her but have always wanted to! She’s super fast and lean. We always guess Vizsla and Whippet, and she gets mistaken for a Ridgeback often. I think mystery mutts can be the prettiest!

  3. 10 ans que j’adopte des loulous. Tous plus malheureux, battus, sous nourris les uns que les autres. Cette année j’ai adopté le petit dernier de la famille Lucky 3 ans et demi, Attaché les 3 années précédentes à une chaîne ! :'( Je ne peux qu’encourager et mettre les chiens adopté sur le devant de l’affiche ! <3 Merci pour eux, merci à ceux qui leur laisse une chance et qui prennent le temps de les comprendre.

  4. I couldn’t be happier for all of you and your family pets; they are all adorable and love that each are rescued. Wishing you all lots of love and adventure for their lifetime. Best!

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