Designed from a Dog’s Perspective: Ruffwear Dogs as Product Testers

At Ruffwear, our four-legged friends are as integral a part of the office as our two-legged ones. They make us laugh, they bring us joy — and they also help us do our jobs.


Our product development team strives to design gear from a dog’s perspective. Along the way, they turn to the Ruffwear dogs day in and day out to try new leash attachment points on the trail or observe the angle of a dog’s shoulder for a coat sleeve.

Luckily, the dogs of Ruffwear are as diverse and multi-talented a bunch as their humans. Meet the dogs who truly excel at what they do, making a difference in the creation of Ruffwear gear.

The Swimmer — Artie

Even by Lab standards, Artie is the consummate water dog. Subzero temps? No problem. Turbid water that’s more muck than crystal clear? Loving it. The team gets great feedback from Artie when they want to see how a piece of gear responds to a healthy doggie dunk, or even a bit of aroma.


The Powder Hounds — Rio and Baya

Who adores snow more — this dynamic duo or their human? As soon as the white stuff falls, all three of them are out the door faster than you can say powder. It makes them ideal testers for gear that needs to stand up through the winter months. Boots and packs get the real stop, drop, and roll treatment!


The Endurance Dog — Riggins

To put miles on an item, our team turns to Riggins. Beneath that fluffy coat is a lean trail running machine who is ready for more even after the humans have called it a day. For our product designers, Riggins offers insightful feedback on wear and tear.


The First Mates — Sophie and Gus

Are Sophie and Gus more at home hovering above the water than on land? That might be taking it too far, but they definitely give our team a chance to try out iterations of our Float Coat. These dogs spend plenty of time on paddleboards, and that Float Coat handle gets tested when Gus’s human hauls his 100-plus pounds onto the deck.


The ChowhoundBodie

Some dogs are mildly interested in food. Some clean their bowl. Then there are dogs like Bodie. Let’s just say he approaches eating with fervor! If our designers want to see if dogs can reach the kibble tucked inside a new toy or will feast from a new bowl configuration, they present it to Bodie. He’s happy to oblige.


The Retriever — Jake

If a stick was thrown in the woods and no dog was around to see it, would it be retrieved? The answer is yes, if the dog is Jake. Fetch for Jake is a true delight. This is handy when designers want to see how well a toy flies through the air or what kind of fun, erratic bounce it makes upon impact. Test away — Jake will bring it back.


Ruffwear gear is built from a dog’s perspective and is rigorously field tested to ensure that it will enhance and enable our outdoor adventures with our dogs. Learn more about our design philosophy and share your feedback with us at

Happy Trails!



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