Be In the Mile

There’s a rhythmic sound to the breath as it moves in and out of the lungs, getting louder with effort and then quieting again, occasionally punctuated by a catch or a cough. There’s a steady cadence created by feet tapping against soft, fairy-dust dirt, crunching over loose gravel, or swishing through a carpet of leaves and pine needles. There’s a layered composition to the lamenting call of the mourning dove, the cacophony of busy insects, chattering squirrels and chipmunks, and the whoosh of an owl departing a nearby tree.

These are the gifts of trail running, a rhythm that is not a rhythm, rather a pile of sounds, feelings, and movements that blend together into a state of mind that is at once wandering and utterly present. Some call it the runner’s high.


It is not all that different than one of the greatest lessons we can learn from our canine companions.

Our dogs are always living in the moment.

Right now, this moment right here, is the absolute best moment of our dogs’ entire lives. Yesterday, when you accidentally stepped on your furry friend’s tail? Forgotten.

This evening, when you leave your canine companion at home for a couple hours and go out to dinner? Doesn’t matter, that moment isn’t here yet.

Right now, while your adventure pal is spreading the contents of the trash can around your kitchen? The best.

Right now, while your fishing buddy is snoozing at your feet? Couldn’t think of a better thing to be doing.

Right now, while your running partner is next to you on the trail, smelling all of the incredible smells that we humans with only 50 million olfactory cells compared to their 150 million, will never know? Mind. Blown.


There is joy to be found right now. On a long, grueling climb when your heartbeat is pounding in your ears. On a blustery ridge top where your vulnerability reminds you that you’re very much alive. In the pleasure of hungrily gobbling down a meal. Among the fascinating contents of the garbage bin.

It is these reminders of the joy found in the present moment that inspired this season’s trail running collection. Our trail running gear is designed to provide a comfortable and effortless trail experience, so you can focus on sharing this moment, right now, with your furry running pal. We hope to enhance your miles and inspire you to explore new trails with your canine companion, remembering all the while that whatever mile you’re in is the very best one.


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