Summer 2018: Be in the Mile

Being present is a constant lesson in wisdom and happiness, but it’s not always easy to achieve. Life’s events distract us from the present moment with attachments to the past and excitement, anticipation, or anxiety about the future.

Anyone who spends time in the outdoors will likely agree that being in nature helps us remain present. It’s harder to dwell on the past or future when a beautiful sunrise is bathing the world around you in shades of gold and pink. It’s easier to tune into the breath when you’re exerting yourself and those breaths are coming in pants or gulps.

Our canine companions are always living in the moment. Perhaps that’s why they’re so joyful. Fortunately for us humans, their joy is infectious and their ever-present state of mind is something we can observe, appreciate and strive for ourselves.

Ruffwear’s Summer 2018 collection is inspired by those moments – on the trail, with our dogs – that make us feel most present and filled with joy. Take a peak below to see what’s new and updated this season.

Trail Runner Belt & Ridgeline Leash

The new Ruffwear Trail Runner System includes the Trail RunnerBelt and the Ridgeline Leash and is designed to keep your hands free and your mind in the mile. It’s inspired by human & dog running duos who are putting in longer miles and more time on the trail and who need extra provisions to make those extended runs not only possible, but comfortable.


The Trail Runner Belt is a solution for those who want hands-free running while carrying essentials like water, fuel and treats, pick-up bags, and a car or house key. A bounce-free, load-dispersing design keeps the belt in place, while quick-access pockets offer plenty of storage. A water bottle holster on the back allows you and your trail companion to stay well hydrated throughout your run, and an intuitive quick-release leash attachment offers a quick disconnect when needed.


Although the Trail Runner Belt is compatible with any leash, we added a longer length option to our Ridgeline Leash specifically for this system. Lightweight and dynamic, the Ridgeline stretches from 3.3 to 5.9 feet in length, providing room to maneuver and comfortable shock-absorption.

Trail Runner Bowl

New for summer, the Trail Runner Bowl is an ultralight, packable food and water bowl that stuffs into its own pocket when not in use. It’s small and light enough to stow in running shorts pocket, in one of the pockets of the Trail Runner Belt, or in a running pack.


Hi & Light Harness

Ruffwear’s new Hi & Light Harness is a lightweight, low-profile everyday adventure harness. Taking cues from our well-loved Front RangeHarness with a minimalist approach, the Hi & Light offers all the necessities and nothing superfluous. Four points of adjustment offer a customizable fit, while an aluminum V-ring on the back provides a convenient leash attachment point. Lightweight construction minimizes bulk and allows us to offer this harness in a very small size: XXXS fits dogs who measure 9-13 inches around the widest part of their rib cage.


Singletrak Pack

The Singletrak, Ruffwear’s low-profile hydration pack, has been updated this season to align with our understanding of modern backpack geometry. We’ve streamlined the design, shaving bulk and adding stability as well as flexibility that allows the pack to contour to a dog’s body for a great fit. Two new colors will pop on the trail, and Red Currant provides an option for service dogs who prefer plastic buckles rather than the metal hardware on our Web Master Pro.


Quick Draw Leash

For Summer 2018, the Ruffwear Quick Draw Leash has been updated with new reflective webbing. This short lead can be worn around a collar when not in use. Simply pull on the grab tab to go from off-leash to on-leash.


Sun Shower Jacket

We’ve updated our classic rain jacket, the Sun Shower™, with three bold new colors and tone-on-tone reflective accents for a modern look and reliable rain protection.


We hope that this gear will enhance your miles, your time on the trail, and your days spent outside with your furry adventure pal.

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