We all want to be responsible dog owners — the leave-no-trace kind who quickly whisk the evidence away and into the trash can when — ahem! — doody calls.

But OK, let’s admit it, we’ve all at least once had that awful caught-without-a-bag experience. Or perhaps caught without enough pick-up bags. It’s these kinds of experiences that inspired the creation of Ruffwear’s new pick-up bag dispenser, the Stash Bag™.


The Stash Bag offers quick access to pick-up bags and attaches to any Ruffwear leash. It also can be clipped on backpacks. It’s lightweight and includes an ambidextrous zipper, as well as an internal key hook and organizer pockets for on-the-go essentials.

And then there’s the environmental impact of the bags themselves to think about. While the Stash Bag is compatible with any type of pick-up bag, it comes with 15 Earth Rated®-brand bags.

Ruffwear’s product design team conducted a broad search for the right pick-up bags before choosing Earth Rated. We wanted to strike a balance between building products that in every way possible are mindful of the environment while making gear that functions well and is durable. The bags we selected, Earth Rated’s green-colored, unscented bags, hit both of these marks.


The bags contain a degradable additive that helps them break down at a controlled rate. That means they will hold up even when in contact with moisture. (An essential component when cleaning up after their dog!) They remain sturdy, says Earth Rated, for more than a year after purchase, as well. And unlike a standard plastic bag, these bags will rapidly break down in the landfill.

In this way, the Stash Bag is a tool for being a good land steward, while also providing room for your keys, a credit card and a few other items. And when doody calls, you can always be prepared.


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