The Bowl That Started It All

In the summer of 1992, Ruffwear founder Patrick Kruse was mountain biking in the Los Padres National Forest with his friend Liz and her dog Moqui. On that ride, he encountered a challenge that would lead to a series of innovations in performance dog gear – and kickstart an entire industry.

While trying to give her dog Moqui a drink, Liz emptied half of her water bottle into a plastic bag and held it while the Rhodesian Ridgeback took a few slurps. Moqui then walked away panting, and Liz was literally left “holding the bag” – she couldn’t set it down without losing the water and she didn’t want to empty what was left back into her water bottle. “You need to do something about this,” Liz challenged Patrick. That challenge sparked the inspiration for Ruffwear’s first product — a collapsible waterproof bowl.


Back then, Patrick was designing paddle sports apparel and accessories through his company, Salamander Paddle Gear. With his experience in technical fabrics and design, Patrick set out to build a waterproof bowl from a dog’s perspective. It needed to hold food and water in a way that appeals to dogs and pack small for outdoor adventures. After 16 months of research, development, and testing, Patrick created The Quencher™ collapsible food and water bowl.


The Quencher accompanied Patrick and Salamander Paddle Gear to Outdoor Retailer in the summer of 1994. Set out on a table at the front of their booth, the collapsible waterproof fabric bowl drew crowds while a buyer at L.L. Bean placed an order for 8,000 units. Ruffwear had officially launched.

Since that Outdoor Retailer show in 1994, Ruffwear has pioneered a category, building performance dog gear to enhance and inspire exploration for outdoor adventurers and their human companions. Over the years, the Quencher has evolved through color changes and modifications to its size and shape, yet the form and function of the original bowl has remained the same.


And now, for Spring 2018, the bowl that started it all has been modernized with bright new colors while maintaining its classic look.