Here at Ruffwear, our canine companions are the ultimate dog gear connoisseurs. They wear Ruffwear gear day in and day out, on adventures with their humans and in the office hanging out with their furry friends. They’ve also been known to put gear to the test with a good gnaw or two.

And undeniably, they have their favorites. Check out the picks from our Ruffwear pack!

EDDIE (with human companion Kacie) – FERNIE JACKET


When my human first started putting the Fernie™ on me, I was skeptical. It was scary putting my head and legs through those holes and I had to shake, a lot, because my hair felt funny. But as time went on, I realized I like how it keeps me warm on those chilly days when we’re playing Frisbee or going on long hikes, and how my human is always complimenting me when I wear it. She says orange is my color. Now, when my human grabs the Fernie, I jump for joy because I know we’re about to go on the best adventure together.


RIO & BAYA (with human companion Elena) – APPROACH PACK


We love our Approach™ Packs because it means we are going camping in the mountains! We really, really love camping and hiking. Being able to carry our own camping gear, like our beds, food and treats, makes us feel extra important because we have a job to do. Sometimes when we’re out there on the trail, we find snow, which is really fun! Whee!


MARVIN (with human companion Mary) – FRONT RANGE HARNESS


Every morning I get tail wagging excited to wear my Front Range™ Harness. It means we are about to start our day of adventures! It’s also blue, my favorite color. Most days we head to the Ruffwear office to see all my four- and two-legged pals. My harness is comfortable all day as I lounge around, go on shorter trail walks, and play with toys. After work we go on an adventure almost nightly. Whether we hit a trail, do a loop around the neighborhood, or go camping for the weekend (my favorite), my harness goes where I go, and I don’t leave base camp without it!


RIGGINS (with human companion Alli) – GNAWT-A-CONE RUBBER TOY


Pine cones are my absolute favorite! It’s no wonder that I love the Gnawt-a-Cone™. It’s made of natural rubber, so it lasts longer than a real pine cone, even when I gnaw on it. The cone bounces in every direction, making for an exciting chase. Sometimes my humans put peanut butter inside to make it an extra special treat. Yum!


JAKE (with human companion Timothy) — BASECAMP BOWL


That sound. How I love that sound. The subtle sliding of white plastic on glass as he twists the lid open on the oversized jar. This could only mean one thing. Just a few more wags and I will hear that sweet song of kibble ringing as it pours to the bottom of my Basecamp™ Bowl. Oh, the anticipation!


GILES (with human companion Monica) — SUMMIT TREX


I love a bare-paw adventure, but my Summit Trex™ boots always mean that we are going somewhere extra exciting. In Central Oregon, a lot of the best trails feature sharp rocks, but I don’t have to worry when I have my boots on. They feel a little funny at first, but once you get used to them they’re a lot of fun — and they give you some extra spring!


BERNIE (with human companion Liz) — HYDRO PLANE


I smell it, she grabbed the Hydro Plane™! Let’s go, let’s go, come on, throw it! Yeeeeee, it’s slicing through the sky just like those pesky jays that invade my yard. Fresh cut grass under my paws, wind in my fur, this Hydro Plane is mine! Launching in 3-2-1…YEEAAHHHHH!…dang, missed it! Hydro Plane, I’ll show you who’s boss of the backyard, I’ll scratch you, and bite you, and still, you never fall apart. And…uh-oh…IT GOT ME!! RUUUUUUUUUUUN! FASTER! FASTER! IT GOT MY HEAD! Circles, run in circles! Hey Liz, help me out here! Whew, that was close. Okay. I’m ready. Let me at it!


JOLENE (with human companion Colin) — URBAN SPRAWL


I arrived in Bend to join my human companion 8 weeks ago, and Colin is the best! We go to parks, to his workplace, to the trails — and there are so many new smells and new canine friends to meet! Sometimes after awhile though, I get overwhelmed and sleepy. And the place that’s always mine is my Urban Sprawl™. It’s so soft, and Colin puts it right at his feet at his desk. I always feel safe and cozy there for a nap!

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