Dogs Will Always Opt Outside

Our relationship with our dogs is shaped by the adventure we share. Our dogs are our trail-mates, our running partners, our fish finders, our biking buddies, and so much more. They’re our constant companions.

We know that a happy dog is a dog outside. When it comes to Black Friday, we’d rather spend time with them than standing in lines. This year, we asked our dogs how they’d like to spend the day. It’s no surprise that they chose to Opt Outside.

Keep scrolling to see how the Ruffwear Pack will Opt Outside this Black Friday. Will you join us?

Ella & Sequoia

“Ella and I will start our day with some early morning fly fishing on a new river we have never fished before: the Truckee in Tahoe. We will wade for it and find our water, then we’ll thaw out in front of the fire with leftovers.”


Riggins & Alli

“Riggs and I are going to chase pine cones and sticks around the McDonald-Dunn Forest and then eat Thanksgiving leftovers.”


Rio, Baya, & Elena

“Rio, Baya, and I will set out on a sunrise hike around Smith Rock State Park. We would also love to find some new swimming spots and find the biggest stick in all the land to run around with and show off. We also plan on watching the sunset from the top of Bessie Butte.”


Eddie, Ellie, & Kacie

“After pumpkin pie for breakfast, we plan to go on a mountain bike ride at Phil’s Trail for one of our favorite loops.”


Bernie & Liz

“Bernie will be leading me down the trail at Tumalo falls, where he is hoping to give me a tutorial on how to properly scratch my back in a pile of snow.”


Giles & Monica

“I will be joining Giles on a 4 day backpacking trip down the Lost Coast. She’ll be feasting on turkey and sweet potato kibble all weekend!”


Bodie & Andy

“I will be snowshoeing with Bodie at Edison Sno Park.”


Jake & Timothy + Katy

“We’ll join Jake and friends for a trail run along the McKenzie River, finishing up at Belknap hot springs.”

Jake Trail Running With FriendsJake Katy Friends & Map

Marvin & Mary

“We will be snowshoeing to Clear Lake! After our hike, we’ll return to a cabin in Hood River for some cozy time by the fire and plenty of belly rubs.”


Clay, Kobi, & Skyler

“I will Opt Outside with Clay & Kobi by spending the day surfing and playing on the Washington Coast, and then warming up by the fire.”

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How will you #OptOutside? Let us know on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We’ll see you out there!

7 thoughts

  1. Speechless. How amazing the bonding between human and dog. There is no doubt that dog is a man best friend. Such a nice view and also a great moment between the dog and his master.Totally agreed with the title of this article “Dogs Will Always Opt Outside” A home will get a very mess up place if the dogs just stay at home and have full energy.

  2. decide to add a view, add a breath, do this with your best friend. create a lasting memory that takes your breath away!!

  3. Love this! I’ve got a little that owns way to much ruffwear gear cause we love it. We however didn’t see any “little’s” in your stories.. just medium and bigger dogs.. 🙂

      1. “your dad”, use your real name – don’t hide.
        I’ll be sure to let my ‘little’, registered therapy dog and his clients, know he’s not really a dog.
        Keep it positive or don’t share!

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