Pacific Gnaw-West: The Inspiration Behind Our Newest Toys

We’re getting back to our roots…and rocks. And cones.


At Ruffwear, we believe a happy dog is a dog outside. We find joy in sharing outdoor adventures with our canine companions and exploring our natural environment together. Engaging with our dogs as they chase sticks, collect pine cones, and pull rocks out of the riverbed ignites our own sense of curiosity, playfulness, and wonder. It is these experiences that inspired our newest toy series, Pacific Gnaw-West.


For this collection, we looked to our natural surroundings in Bend, Oregon, and along the ruggedly beautiful Oregon Coast.

We live in a high desert environment, among sagebrush and juniper trees and nestled against the Cascade volcanic mountain range. There are nearby lava flows and underground tubes that create dramatic, otherworldly landscapes and signal a more tumultuous geological time. Among these sharp, porous rocks is Obsidian. This shiny black lava rock is smooth, with a glass-like sheen that sparkles in the sun. It’s also the design inspiration for our Gnawt-a-Rock™. This natural rubber throw toy is designed with a faceted, gum-massaging surface and an internal chamber to hold kibble or small training treats. It bounces erratically and dispenses rewards to keep the game engaging and fun.


A favorite token among dogs in Bend is pine cones, and thanks to the Ponderosa pine trees that decorate our local trails and forests with their bounty, there seems to be an endless supply. It is these towering trees, with their bark that smells like vanilla and their cones that are so loved by our dogs that provide inspiration for our Gnawt-a-Cone™. This resilient natural rubber toy resembles a pine cone, while engaging and rewarding our canine friends with an easy-to-clean internal chamber that holds large biscuits or peanut butter. It has a faceted surface to massage gums and it bounces erratically, creating endless entertainment for both dogs and humans.


We’ve never met a dog that doesn’t love a good stick. For our Gnawt-a-Stick™, we found inspiration in the driftwood distributed along Oregon’s pristine coastal beaches and rocky shores. This floating natural rubber throw toy is engineered for upright flotation so that it remains visible and is easy to retrieve. With a faceted, gum-massaging surface and erratic bounce, the Gnawt-a-Stick™ is sure to be just as much fun on land as it is in the water.


Developing these toys and testing them with our office dogs sparked the joy, curiosity, and wonder that we discover with our dogs in the outdoors. We hope that as you and your furry companion play with these toys, you will be inspired to explore the natural surroundings among your home forests, rivers, and trails. Don’t forget to stop and smell the bark.

Ruffwear office dog Eddie tests out the kibble-dispensing Gnawt-a-Rock:


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