Leather: The Original Outdoor Material

Long before synthetic materials, leather was the go-to natural material used to make outdoor gear. Even with advances in material technologies today, some who work in harsh environments still prefer gear crafted from leather for its durability, comfort, and tendency to improve with age.

At Ruffwear, the inspiration for developing new products comes from the activities we share with our dogs. Ski patrollers working with avalanche rescue dogs are among the hardworking outdoor professionals that depend on leather gloves for functionality and quality.

It is this heritage and the role that leather has played in the outdoor industry that inspired Ruffwear’s Timberline Leash™ and Timberline Collar™.

Made from durable, water-resistant leather, the Timberline Collar and Timberline Leash come in three vibrant colors that take on an adventure patina over time, enhancing their look and feel.

To source and produce our leather gear, Ruffwear partnered with Pittards®, a British institution since 1826. Pittards is a great fit for Ruffwear because of our shared beliefs of using the best materials and hardware for the job and creating our products in the most sustainable way possible.

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Pittards uses its WRX100 process to craft water-resistant leather. To make the Timberline Collar and Timberline Leash, two layers of leather are sewn together on either side of a hidden strip of synthetic webbing. This construction stabilizes the materials, ensuring the leather maintains its size and shape – critical for collar sizes and leash lengths.

We design the hardware used in the Timberline Collar and Timberline Leash, as well, crafting it to be strong, secure and solid in your hand.

The result is modern technology with an old-world material, and gear that is durable and comfortable for everyday wear for your canine companions.

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