Winter 2017: Let’s Play!

This season, Ruffwear is excited to introduce an array of new and redesigned gear, including toys that engage our canine companions and stimulate their minds, a leash that can be worn as a belt, and apparel and boots with improved function and evolved style. When it comes to designing performance gear for dogs, we believe in building products from a dog’s perspective, placing emphasis on functionality, craftsmanship, durability, quality, and innovation. Among this season’s offerings, you’ll also find a heavy dose of FUN! So check it out…and then head outside with your furry pal and see where you find inspiration.

We’ll see you out there.


NEW! Gnawt-a-Rock™, Gnawt-a-Stick™, & Gnawt-a-Cone™

As we began the process of expanding our toy line, our search for inspiration took us right back to our roots…and rocks, and cones! Our newest toy series draws inspiration from our natural surroundings in the Pacific Northwest, where we spend our time exploring and playing with our canine companions. Built with the same durable, natural rubber as our current toys, these new toys are shaped like some of our dogs’ favorite tokens found in the wild and designed to be interactive and engaging.


The Gnawt-a-Rock, inspired by obsidian rock found among Oregon’s lava fields, holds kibble and small training treats. We love to use it to feed our dogs, providing a stimulating and exciting game as they gobble down their meal.



Here’s Ruffwear office dog Eddie demonstrating the Gnawt-a-Rock:

The Gnawt-a-Cone is designed after the cones that drop from Ponderosa pine trees in our local forests and bring endless joy to our furry friends. It’s great for larger biscuits and peanut butter when your pup is looking for a rewarding job to do.


Driftwood along the rugged Oregon coastline offered inspiration for the Gnawt-a-Stick, which dips, skips, and floats at an angle so it’s easy for our canines to find in the water.



Updates on Classic Favorites: Huckama™, Turnup™, Gourdo™

Our classic and well-loved toys – the Huckama, Turnup, and Gourdo – have been updated this season with bright, bold new colors. Primary colors pop among our natural surroundings, making it easy for canines and humans alike to locate a toy that has bounced out of sight.

The Turnup is a tennis-ball sized toy that fits in a standard-ball thrower, while its asymmetrical shape creates a fun, erratic bounce that’s anything but standard.



The Huckama is larger than the Turnup and also has a fun, erratic bounce that makes a game of fetch even more exciting and fun.


The Gourdo has a kernmantle rope that allows it to be thrown great distances and allows it to double as a tug toy.


NEW! Patroller™ Leash

The Patroller Leash was inspired by avalanche rescue dogs and their handlers. When these teams are working and training together, handlers are frequently taking their dogs off leash to work on drills and then putting them back on between drills and during rest breaks. The handlers needed a leash that they could have on hand during these quick transitions, so we worked to create a solution for them. The Patroller Leash is an adjustable leash that can be worn around the human’s waist as a belt when it is not in use, where it’s easily accessible when the need for a leash arises. It’s a great option for anyone who wants to keep a leash conveniently nearby while their canine companion works, plays, or trains.


Evolving Boots and Apparel

If you’re already familiar with our Summit Trex™ Boots, you might immediately notice that our newest version looks quite different from the prior one. Upon closer inspection, you’ll find that this everyday dog boot has an improved fit and function with flexible, durable traction, protection from extreme temperatures, and hook-and-loop closure for secure comfort and easy on/off. We’ve also updated the color offerings so that they pair well with other gear such as the Approach™ Pack and Front Range™ Harness.


We’ve also reexamined and evolved two of our classic coats: the Cloud Chaser™ and the Overcoat™. The Cloud Chaser is our waterproof, windproof, breathable soft-shell jacket designed for inclement or variable winter weather conditions. We’ve updated the fabrics with a soft, abrasion-resistant top panel and a stretchy, nylon-spandex blend on the bottom panel, as well as new colors: Sockeye Red and Blue Moon.


We added a leash portal to our cold-weather utility jacket, the Overcoat, so it can now be worn over top of the Front Range Harness or the Web Master Harness. Three new colors – Baja Blue, Red Currant, and Twilight Gray – provide a fresh look to this classic, sturdy and comfortable vest-style jacket.


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