The Inspiration Behind The Beacon™

Since 2000, Ruffwear has offered a safety light built from a dog’s perspective. Our light has changed over the years as we have sought continuous improvement in our performance dog gear. For 2017, The Beacon™ has been transformed.


Our baseline goal was to create a safety light that would perform in low-light conditions and inclement weather. We also wanted to honor our commitment to designing products in a manner that protects the environment in every way possible and be mindful of the number of safety lights and batteries that end up in a landfill. Our trail-running and bike-commuting product designer accepted the challenge. For inspiration, he turned to the bike lights he trusts to keep him visible while riding to and from work and the waterproof headlamp he counts on during long runs in the mountains.


The Beacon™ is encased in a waterproof translucent shell that exudes light from all angles. This maximizes visibility for canine companions who like to run ahead, drop back, or go off trail in all directions to explore. Its pentagonal shape is inspired by our logo dog Ursula and the star-shaped ID tag hanging from her collar. Three LED color options and three light modes are designed to suit a variety of needs and preferences, as well as identify multiple dogs in low-light conditions. While red is the traditional color used for safety, blue and green are more commonly found in the natural environments where we go to play. The Beacon can be set to breathe (strobe), pulse (steady blink), or solid (no blink) in any of the three colors.


To meet our goal of sustainability, we built The Beacon with a high capacity, USB-rechargeable battery, and included a standard, 15cm USB charging cord – no batteries to purchase, change out or dispose. An indicator light signals when there is approximately one hour of illumination remaining, so co-adventurers will not get caught in the dark.


Designed to perform in the outdoors, the Beacon is ready to accompany canines wherever their explorations take them – off trail, in the water, through snow, rain, or mud, or perhaps rolling in something pungent. It’s waterproof, lightweight and durable, and it attaches securely to Ruffwear’s apparel light loops and other gear with the easy-to-use Quick Clip and to all Ruffwear collars with the Quick Ring™.


Make your adventures with your canine companion a little bit brighter with The Beacon. Share your stories with us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Questions, feedback, or ideas? Don’t hesitate to bark.

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    1. Hi, Jeffrey – There are 3 Modes, Solid, Blink & Fade, and the battery charge varies depending on which mode you’re in. On a full charge, Solid gets 6 hours, Blink gets 20 hours, and Fade gets 12 hours. When any of the modes reaches 1 hour of battery charge left, The Beacon shows a red fast blink which lasts for that final hour.

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