Where’s Your Basecamp?

Basecamp is where preparation takes place. Gear gets organized, details are sorted out, and plans are finalized. Snacks and meals are carefully chosen and packed. We consult the checklist and make sure we’ve covered everything. Did you remember the first aid kit? Do we have enough fuel for the stove? We eat a hearty breakfast and load up the car. The excitement builds.


Basecamp is where we refresh and refuel between expeditions. Hang the tent up to dry. Scrub the dirt off our ankles. Bathe our canine companion and brush the burrs out of their fur. Indulge in comfort food and extra treats. Sometimes it takes days to unpack the gear, sort the laundry, and get everything organized. But don’t put the maps away. It’s time to start planning the next adventure.

It’s these moments and rituals that inspired our Basecamp™ collection. In many ways, time at basecamp is just as important as the expedition itself. It’s where we rest, rejuvenate, and revel in the best moments of the last adventure, while dreaming and planning for the next one.

Our stainless steel Basecamp™ Bowl is designed to keep your canine adventure partner fueled and hydrated between trips to the mountains, the river, the desert, or the crag. This food and water bowl holds up to 5 cups of food and more than a liter of water. It’s easy to pick-up and has a grip silicone base. Multiple bowls can stack together for easy stow.


The Basecamp™ Mat is designed to hold two Basecamp Bowls side-by-side and features durable, easy-to-clean fabric, a grip base, and sturdy walls to contain spills. A topo-map pattern inspires future outdoor explorations.


Basecamp is home base, but it’s not confined to the home. It could be a campsite, where you set off on an all-day hike. Maybe it’s your van, whether your van serves as a permanent home or an adventure-mobile for road trips. It could be the tailgate of your truck waiting at the trailhead, where you share an après beverage with your favorite trail buddy. Wherever you find your basecamp, we want to be there to enhance and inspire your next adventure into the outdoors.

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