Ruffwear, Nulo pet food and Good To-Go dehydrated meals have come together to help you Savor the Adventure. Read below to discover the special experience that comes with enjoying a meal outside, and tune into our Instagram and Facebook pages from Sept. 14-17, 2017, to find out how you can take your backcountry meals to the next level.


Savor the Adventure

There’s something special about enjoying a meal in the outdoors. There’s a ritual to the preparation that is easy to overlook at home, amidst the distractions of a busy day.

Outside, cooking with a camp stove, everything slows down.
Assemble the stove.
Measure out the water.
Turn on the fuel.
Light the burner.
Adjust the flame.


You can only cook one thing at a time. Should we start with dinner or tea? Dinner first, then tea.
There’s nothing to do while you wait for the water to boil except take in your surroundings.
The sights.
The sounds.
The smells.
The good company.
It forces you to be present.


If the air is damp or chilly, cooking from inside the tent feels luxurious. It’s easy to snuggle up and let the time pass. Snacks to hold us over always help, too.
Luxury feels so simple.


Meals always taste better outside.
Flavors are enhanced by our heightened senses, state of mind, and the effort we took to get to this moment. Sometimes we carry a meal for miles or even days before we indulge.

Just as there was nothing to do while we waited, there’s nothing to do while we eat except focus on the flavors of our food.
Basil, oregano, thyme, garlic, vine-ripened tomatoes.
Beef, apples, broccoli, sweet potato.
Textures mingle together: tomatoes and brown rice pasta. The soft chewy-crunch of freeze-dried kibble.


It’s always more fun to share a meal than eat alone, even if we eat different food together. Exchange of words isn’t necessary. A look, a roll of the eyes, a smack of the lips, a sigh — these can communicate everything.
Savor each flavor.Savor the comfort of a hearty meal, replenishing food for tired body, a cozy sleeping bag, a good friend.
Savor the experience.
Savor the adventure.

And then, go ahead. Lick your bowl clean. It makes dish washing easier.


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