New Gear for Fall 2017

Fall 2017 at Ruffwear is all about adventure. At Basecamp, ideas spark and take form, maps are spread out across the table, gear is gathered for packing or hung out to dry upon return. As the days grow shorter, our adventures need not. With proper lighting and visibility, we continue exploring long after the sun has bid adieu. And then, those wild places that inspire us, that quench our thirst while triggering an insatiable appetite for more. The expansive desert seems vast and empty at first glance but is in fact teeming with diverse life. Layers of mountains stacked against the horizon, each a slightly different shade, promise mystery and discovery within each of its folds. And finally, at the core of our adventures and our relationship with our dogs, the reason we do what we do: the pure joy that comes from play.

Keep scrolling to see what’s new this season from Ruffwear.


2075-BasecampBowl-AllColors-WEBOur stainless steel Basecamp™ Bowl is designed to keep your canine adventure partner fueled and hydrated between trips to the mountains, the river, the desert, or the crag. This food and water bowl holds up to 5 cups of food and more than a liter of water. It’s easy to pick-up and has a silicone base to hold it in place. Multiple bowls can stack together for easy stow.


The Basecamp™ Mat is designed to hold two Basecamp Bowls side-by-side and features durable, easy-to-clean fabric and sturdy walls to contain spills. A topo-map pattern inspires future outdoor explorations.




The Beacon™ safety light is encased in a waterproof translucent shell that exudes light from all angles, maximizing visibility for canine companions who like to run ahead, drop back, or go off trail to explore in all directions. Three LED color options and three light modes are designed to suit a variety of needs and preferences, as well as identify multiple dogs in low-light conditions. The Beacon is built with a high capacity, USB-rechargeable battery, and includes a standard, 15cm USB charging cord. An indicator light signals when there is approximately one hour of illumination remaining, so co-adventurers will not get caught in the dark.


The Ruffwear Track Jacket™ is a high-visibility, reflective jacket that extends your adventures into low-light conditions. This season, we’ve added reflective accent panels to each side and to the chest martingale for maximum reflectivity, swapped out the hooks with side-release buckles, and improved the fit. This durable, waterproof jacket is lightweight, streamlined, and ready for any adventure, any time of the day or night.



Inspired by Nature

Our popular Flat Out™ Leash is an everyday leash that blends durability, versatility and outdoor aesthetics. This adjustable leash can be hand-held or worn around the waist for hands-free leash walking. For Fall 2017, we’ve updated the Flat Out’s outdoor-inspired patterns to connect you with a whole new range of wild places. 40304-FlatOutLeash-MonumentValley-WEB



This season, we’ve updated our fun, interactive, high-flying and floating toys with bright new colors.

The Hydro Plane™ is a soft, floating disc built for dogs who love to play fetch in or around water and snow. Gentle on dogs’ mouths and oversized for easy pickup, the Hydro Plane makes a great reward for training or play.


The Hover Craft™ is a high-performance flying disc that’s ideal for fetching sessions on both water and land. Built with a molded foam core that tracks true for longer-distance tosses, the construction is soft on teeth and gums yet structured enough to maintain shape over time.


Made with recycled and recyclable materials, the Lunker™ is a durable fabric toy that is great to fetch and tug on both water and land. The kernmantle rope handle is soft and pliable, making it easy to pick up and throw.


Where will your adventures take you this season?

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