Answering the Call of the Wild

Our friends at Wilder & Harrier looked at limited global food resources and said, “Let’s find a solution.” Here’s their story. Photography by April Bencze.


We like to think that Wilder & Harrier came to be as the result of searching for the solution to a problem, the answer to a call. As 2016 came to a tumultuous end, we began to envision a future filled with the promise of necessary change. We’d like to take this minute to tell you our story, the beginning of what we see as a great adventure.

In 2013, the United Nations published a report detailing the future of food in light of shifting resources and a rapidly expanding global population. Thus, outdated systems, rendering a disservice to our planet, were being put into question. Our reliance on polluting agro-food sectors, such as chicken and beef farming, needed to be re-examined. In effect, they can only continue to thrive at the expense of the health of our environment. The report stated that roughly 2 billion people already consumed insects as food and that implementing this dietary change on a greater scale could contribute to pollution reduction, as well as offer a nutritious supplement to lacking diets worldwide. That being said, it goes without saying that the idea of insects as a food source is not strongly implemented culturally in the West. To enact change, even in the face of apparent necessity, can be a challenging feat. Some habits are tough to quit, even though they are not necessarily good for you. A good step onward is to possess a viable alternative or solution within your grasp. We had an idea…


The relationship between humans and nature is in flux, it is different in light of dissimilar cultures and epochs – it can be revered from afar for its grandiosity or harnessed and mined for all its worth. Through our evolution, it is notable to mention how one specific natural bond, deemed “coevolutionary”, has perdured: the bond between humans and canids. Our special relationship to our furry friends is undeniable, and for us at Wilder & Harrier, it proved to be a key element.


Significant portions of chicken and beef farming products find their way in pet feed. Coupled with unhealthy amounts of sugar and fillers, the reality out there for pet parents is scary. In response to worldwide issues surrounding population expansion and some lackluster choices in the pet food industry, we decided to make our vocation two-fold: to create nourishment for your pet that is truly helping reduce our carbon footprint, as well as being healthy. Indeed, by using alternative proteins such as insects, we are positioning ourselves as pioneers in the pet food industry and hoping to truly make a difference. The idea is to think outside of the box in terms of nourishment for our canine companions and use our love for them as a way to pay tribute to the planet.

At Wilder & Harrier, we aim to nurture a community of like-minded individuals for whom the forest is a cathedral, the call of the wild an unseen force that drives us and the wilderness the place where we pay our respect. By underlining our love for our canine companions, we are offering a testament for all living things and the environment that fosters us. Under the Wilder & Harrier banner, we are limitless.


Our aims for the future include developing a full range of pet feed for cats and dogs by exploring alternative food sources this beautiful planet has in store, as well as collaborate with like-minded individuals looking to explore alternative food sources and ways of life through sharing, motivation and fostering community spirit. Join us on our adventure, let’s run wild!

Many thanks,

The Wilder & Harrier Family



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