At Ruffwear, we believe that our dogs make us whole and that our relationship with them is shaped by the adventure we share. They are our trail-mates, biking buddies, powder chasers, river runners, and working partners. They are our constant companions.

We build our performance dog gear with these relationships in mind. Ruffwear gear is built with the functionality, craftsmanship, quality, and innovation we expect in our own gear. It is designed from a dog’s perspective, with nothing superfluous. We’re on a mission to build performance dog gear for outdoor adventurers and their human companions.

The Ruffwear Pack has been busy creating some amazing products that we are excited to share with you. We invite you to explore these new products below, learn more on the Ruffwear website, and ponder where your next adventure will take you.


Front Range™ Harness & Front Range™ Leash

Ruffwear’s popular everyday Front Range Harness is available in six new colors and can now be paired with a matching Front Range Leash! This easy-to-adjust harness has a padded chest panel for all-day comfort and four points of adjustment, creating a perfect custom fit and full range of movement.


Color coordinate or mix it up. The strong and light Front Range Leash features a padded ergonomic handle and a swiveling Crux Clip™ that can be clipped with one hand. Attach the leash to the v-ring on the back of the harness or to the reinforced webbing loop on the front for a little extra control with forward-pullers.

Your connection to your best friend has never been more comfortable…or colorful!


Web Master™ Harness

Our Web Master Harness, a favorite among service & working dogs, “Houdini” dogs, and mobility-challenged or elderly dogs, provides support and comfort on any adventure. This harness has been updated with more flexibility to provide optimal support and range of motion. We’ve also added new colors and color-matched webbing. Key features on the Web Master include a five-point adjustable fit, a large padded handle positioned for balanced lifting and good load dispersion, a platform for attaching patches and signage for working dogs, and a padded chest panel and belly straps for comfortable extended wear.


Commuter™ Pack

Inspired by our urban explorations, the Commuter Pack combines a traditional rucksack design with contemporary technical features. At home everywhere from the farmers’ market to the backcountry campsite, the Commuter includes a comfortable, easy-to-adjust harness and attached, weight-forward saddlebags for balanced and efficient carrying. Heathered polyester fabric creates a heritage style that excels in the outdoors, while leather accents, aluminum hardware, webbing tow loop, and side-release buckles modernize a classic look.


Palisades™ Pack

Ruffwear’s Palisades Pack is ideal for multi-day excursions into the backcountry. Removable saddlebags, collapsible hydration bladders, and an internal cross-compression system allow dogs to comfortably carry their own provisions on extended backpacking trips and thru-hikes. We’ve updated our 2017 Palisades Pack with new colors, including color-matched webbing, and a new saddlebag attachment system that uses aluminum hardware and Hypalon (synthetic rubber) reinforcement for a strong and secure connection. We’ve also shaved some weight and bulk for maximum comfort and efficiency.


Approach™ Pack

Our Approach Pack is an everyday pack for full-day hiking or overnight trips to the backcountry. It offers excellent fit, performance, and functionality, with an integrated, adjustable harness and attached saddlebags. For 2017, we’ve updated the Approach Pack with bright new colors and radial cut saddlebags that cause pack contents to settle forward and in, creating a passive compression system that’s form-fitting, comfortable, and efficient.


Gear questions? Contact us via email, phone, live chat, or stop by for a visit at our retail store in Bend, Oregon! Share your adventure stories with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by tagging @ruffwear & let us know what your dog means to you using the hashtag #mydogismy.


8 thoughts

  1. I am FURIOUS with Ruffwear. I have been a loyal Ruffwear customer for 5 years now and recommend the harnesses to hundreds of people. In December I was looking to change to the palisades pack harnesses for both my dogs but was unhappy that the harness was grey and the bags red, not just for obvious cosmetic purpose but mainly for visibility and safety. I specifically emailed you to ask if there was any possibility of ordering this harness in red with the bags also being red or whether this was something that would come up soon. I had a brief shirty reply that the red harness with backpack was not possible. Not entirely happy i invested almost 300 pounds on the non-matching product and still have not used them as can not get over how dangerous the non-visible grey is. Literally one month after our emails I find out you release exactly what I asked about!! This new one also has other modifications so has quite obviously not been invented in the last month. Why would you not have told me this was going to be released soon?!?!??! I’m disgusted and thinking about changing brand and encouraging the hundreds of other husky owners in my group to also switch. You certainly don’t hear about this sort of disgusting money greedy customer service with Sass and K9!! Seriously disappointed!!

    1. Dear Aisha – please accept our sincere apology for this lack of communication to you. I can understand your frustration having asked specifically about a product option and being told it wasn’t available, when, in fact, it was in development. One of our values is transparency and we clearly failed you in this. Please be assured that we did not intentionally keep this information from you. Mistakes happen and the best we can do is to work on a resolution in the hopes that we can make it up to you. As you may know, our company headquarters are in Bend, Oregon, USA. It looks like you are in the UK based on your email address and the fact that you purchased our product in pounds. I would like to connect you with our distributor based in the UK so that we can quickly resolve this and provide you with our new packs, at no charge. I’m going to reach out to you via email to make a connection with our UK partners. Thank you for letting us know we made a mistake. This gives us the opportunity to fix it, hopefully to your satisfaction. I’ll be in touch. Best regards, Susan

  2. We recently got a 2nd dog, and love the ruffwear roamer. Nothing would be better than having a short coupler attachment from Ruffwear to add to it!

  3. Love your products so much but wish you offered some in forest green or any deep or low key greens other than lime or neon and bright greens.

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