Jada offers treats to anyone who walks through the door.

Ruffwear is one of Outside’s 100 Best Places to Work

Each year, Outside magazine releases a list of 100 companies that go beyond work-life balance by making employee health and happiness a point of pride. Ruffwear is honored and humbled to be included among Outside’s 100 Best Places to Work for 2016.

To be considered for this list, companies from across the country enter a two-part survey process. The first part evaluates each company’s workplace policies, practices, philosophy, systems, and demographics. The second part consists of an employee survey to measure personal experience. The combined score determines the top companies and the final ranking.

For Ruffwear, this process also serves as a “How are we doing?” check-in. We believe in honesty, transparency and integrity – with our customers and with each other. We are a collaborative and curious group, driven by our passions and not simply by profits. While acknowledging that we are only human, we strive for continuous improvement, respectful feedback, and an enjoyable working environment.

“Ruffwear Greg” and Sophie demonstrate the Quick Draw Leash.
Designers collaborate in the Product Development room.
The Ruffwear Sales Team spent a day together at Healing Reins.

However, our company values don’t necessarily capture everyday life at the Ruffwear HQ. There are countless spontaneous moments shared by our pack of humans and dogs during the hours we spend together in an open office. Our beliefs and values don’t quite capture the chaos – and resulting laughter – that ensues when we occasionally let our dogs roam free in the office (hint: it involves lots of running, especially in the direction of a single Turn Up). How do you put words to the Halloween party and the balloon-popping contest that Eddy, one of our most animated office dogs, managed to win this year? Or reading from the “Gratitude Bowl” while enjoying a homemade, family-style breakfast together the day before Thanksgiving?

Stopping for a swim on our company rafting/camping trip this summer.
Skiing together at Mt. Bachelor during our Ruffwear Ski Day last March.
Enjoying the morning at camp during the Ruffwear summer retreat.

By participating in this survey process, we learned a few things about what we are doing right and where we have room to improve. Perhaps most importantly, however, this process provided us the opportunity to reflect on what it means for each of us to be part of the Ruffwear Pack. Below are some excerpts from the anonymous employee survey in response to the question:

What does this organization do that makes it a place where people would want to work?

We miss you, Bill.

“We treat each like family. We support and care for each other during all the ups and down both professionally and personally.”

Group photo while hiking during our Summer Sales Meeting.

“I feel as though this company is really an extension of my family. I truly care for and respect everyone that I work with. We are, in every way, a true team – all with the same passion for what we do and belief in what we provide for our customers. We work hard, but we have fun, as well. Plus, we take our dogs to work – which I personally love.  How can you not be happy with your fuzzy friend sitting next to you.”

Kacie, Eddie, and Ellie.

“Ruffwear is a family that treats everyone who walks through its doors like family, too. It’s a collaborative environment, which sometimes means that things go at a little slower pace, but also means that company actions are thoughtful and intentional. Opinions are sought out and valued equally, and there are no silos or barriers, horizontally or vertically. We respectfully hold each other accountable and show gratitude for each other’s efforts.”

Scheming who we can pull off the raft during our summer retreat.

“Creates an environment where like minded individuals collaborate and work together for a common goal. While acknowledging that outside of the office activities are needed to keep morale and spirits high! Which also creates a stronger bond of team and family.”

Ruffwear Ski Day – March 2016

“Ruffwear provides an environment where every employee can contribute and make a difference. We foster a family-like atmosphere where employees feel supported and comfortable and are encouraged to do their best work.”

Fly fishing on the Deschutes River during the Ruffwear summer retreat.

“There is a strong sense of purpose and culture at Ruffwear to be the best and enhance the lives of people and dogs through product. There is a sense of equality and fun in the office. There is a high degree of integrity and commitment to how we treat each other and what we do.”

Riggins joined the Pack in April 2016.
Oliver and Dahlia, melting hearts on the daily.

In the words of Ruffwear’s Founder and R&D Director, Patrick Kruse, “Ruffwear is honored to be one of the progressive companies selected for Outside’s 100 Best Places to Work. We believe a work-life balance bolsters the communities and environments we choose to live, work, recreate and thrive in. Bravo to our pack members, Ruffwear’s employees, for being the difference we want to see in the world. And thanks to Outside and its effort to shed light on the benefits that happiness brings to the success of people, and in turn, the success of business.”

Meeting the Avalanche Rescue dogs and watching a demo during the Ruffwear Ski Day – March 2016.

Thanks for sharing this adventure with us.

Happy Trails,

The Ruffwear Pack

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  1. RuffWear, you guys are amazing! Products, Environment, Customer Service, all top notch. Same as above, is RuffWear hiring? And/or does your Company hire Remote Workers? Cheers!

  2. Gracious, if you’re hiring for an integrated marking or PR professional, pick me! I just told my Jack Russell that someday I would be able to be with him all day…

  3. Congratulations team RuffWear! I wished my place of employment was this thoughtful and inspirational. For that matter all places where we work should be good for the soul as well. Love your products. Keep up the good work.

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