The season of crunchy leaves, blustery days, and longer nights is upon us. It’s the time of year when we dig out our extra layers, favorite mittens, and warm boots. We don headlamps for morning or evening walks and drink warm beverages like hot cocoa or cider. We carve pumpkins and indulge in extra treats. We plan costumes, cook stews, enjoy cooler days on the trails and evening snuggles by the fire with our furry companions. To  celebrate the new season, we’re sharing some of our customers’ fall favorites!


One of the newest additions to our line of dog coats, the Ruffwear Fernie is quickly becoming a favorite. This technical sweater-knit fleece jacket is designed for warmth and performance from the trail, to the brewery patio, to the backyard fire pit. Sleeves designed for movement provide full-coverage warmth and full range of motion. Quick-drying and slim fitting, the Fernie is a great layer for cold weather adventures.

Photo: @adeerandherfox (Instagram)
Photo: @tulip.the.heeler (Instagram)
Photo: @westcoastheeler (Twitter)
Photo: Ruffwear
Photo: Ruffwear

Highlands Sleeping Bag

When it comes down to it, the difference between fun camping and miserable camping is being comfortable. And the biggest factor in being comfortable, especially during fall and winter, is staying warm and dry. For humans, we transition from lightweight to heavier, warmer sleeping bags and all-season tents. For dogs, Ruffwear offers the Highlands Sleeping Bag, a packable, durable sleeping bag with synthetic insulation (which dries quickly if it gets wet). The Highlands Sleeping bag is designed with a zippered opening that allows the bag to open completely and lie flat, making a great home base at camp or on the road. When the temperature drops or your furry pal gets cold (frequently signified by curling up into an unimaginably tight ball), simply fold the top over your pup and zip it closed. The insulation will hold in your dog’s body heat for maximum cozy warmth.  The Highlands Sleeping Bag compresses into its own stuff sack and fits inside all sizes of our Palisades™ Pack.

#KickerDog taking a snooze in Alaska. Photo: @andrew_muse (Instagram)
Juno stays cozy at camp in the Wallowas. Photo: @happykeeks (Instagram)
Raise your hand if you’ve slept in your sleeping bag in the house because you’d rather be camping. Photo: @burgerandbaconruletheworld (Instagram)
Happy dreams, Darwin. Photo: @darwinsdad17 (Instagram)
Beti prefers getting her beauty sleep outside. Photo: @tlt4679 (Instagram)


We couldn’t resist including the Ruffwear Gourdo among our list of Fall Favorites. Although it doesn’t blend into a seasonal latte, and it doesn’t work well for breads, rolls, soups, or pies, the Gourdo is one of our most well-loved toys among four-legged friends. This natural rubber toy can be thrown, tugged, or gnawed. It includes a rope lanyard for extra leverage when throwing or tugging, and its textured surface massages gums, with a hole at one end that can be used for dispensing treats.

It’s always playtime in Alska’s world. Photo: @alska_wild (Instagram)
Remington cools down and takes a break after chasing his Gourdo. Photo: @jhewitt8 (Instagram)
Photo: Ruffwear
Photo: Ruffwear

If you have your own Fall Favorites you’d like to share, let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you have questions about any Ruffwear gear, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Have a great fall season!


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