Ruffwear’s Polar Trex™ dog boots have been completely redesigned for Fall/Winter 2016, from the sole to the gaiter. Among our highest values at Ruffwear is seeking continuous improvement, and we saw an opportunity with the Polar Trex boots this year. In our efforts to find a solution for cold weather paw protection, we realized we weren’t satisfied with our previous version of winter boots, so we headed back to the drawing board and overhauled our design. We’re pleased with the result and excited to share it with you!polartrex

The Polar Trex boots are designed for warmth, traction, and maximum protection in winter conditions. We took inspiration from our popular, all-terrain Grip Trex™ boots and added a secure, hook-and-loop closure system that cinches around the narrowest part of the dog’s leg for a fit that sticks. We also incorporated Vibram® rubber into our Ruffwear-designed Icetrek® outsole, with a winter-specific lug for superb traction on frozen surfaces.

The Ruffwear-designed Vibram Icetrek outsole has a winter-specific lug pattern for maximum traction on frozen surfaces.


The Polar Trex boots feature an insulated upper, using softshell material to create breathable, weatherproof warmth in extreme cold and foul weather. The pullover stretch gaiter keeps snow out and further secures the fit by protecting the hook-and-loop ankle closure from the elements.



To find the right size Polar Trex boots for your adventure pal, check out this video on measuring your dog’s paws for boots and then download our Paw Measurement Chart. Check out our tips on selecting the right boot, breaking-in dog boots, and celebrating the “dog boot dance” on the dog blog.

Just as you would with your gear, check the tension and adjust the fit of your dog’s boots 15 minutes into your activity and throughout the adventure as needed. Share your winter escapades with us by tagging @ruffwear and #mydogismy on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Happy Winter Trails!

The Ruffwear Pack

Ginger and friends racing down the hill at Wanoga Sno Park.

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  1. I love that you’re actually making these for tiny paws now! It’s often the little adventurous dogs that need extra weather protection. My big lab doesn’t really need the booties, but my rat terrier does!

    It’s also great you all listened to the feedback about the old boots irritating dewclaws.


  2. I dislike the dog boots that come in a quantity of four, they should be a quantity of two. Many dog breeds like border collies have front paws at least a size bigger than their back paws. then you waste four boots if you buy them in lots of four

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