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Green Dog

Location & Website:

Green Dog Pet Supply
4327 NE Fremont St
Portland OR 97213


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Favorite Local Off Leash Dog Park:

The Sandy River Delta Park, more commonly called “Thousand Acres”. It’s 1,400 acres of fields, trails and sandy rivers to play in, with 2/3 of the park designated as off leash.  Exit 18, Crown Point Hwy, Troutdale, OR 97060.

 Favorite Ruffwear Product:

The Swamp Cooler. We’ve carried them since they were first introduced, and we consider them a vital tool for safety in the summertime. They’re easy to use and they really work. There are a lot of great stories in the summertime of heat sensitive dogs being able to attend festivals they never could go to before, or dogs spending more time in activities they couldn’t normally stick with in the hot weather, and even a dog that was verging on heat stroke and returned to comfort when the owners put on the Swamp Cooler. The only down side is that people will yell at you for putting a coat on a dog when it’s 100 degrees out, but then when owners explain what it’s for, it turns the conversation around quickly!  We wish we could convince every owner to buy one – so many dogs here have trouble with the heat as it’s not hot here all the time and hot weather tends to come on suddenly. It’s the perfect recipe for heat stress!

Congratulations on 12 years, Green Dog!

Green Dog just celebrated its 12th Anniversary. When they opened in 2004, they were the first environmentally friendly pet supply store in the nation.

Stop by Green Dog with your canine companion to say hi and see what’s new from Ruffwear!


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