We get asked all the time, “Which pack do you recommend for my dog?” The answer is that it simply depends on what type of activities you’ll be doing with your canine companion! Below, we’ve broken down the features and design intention behind each of our packs, so that you can quickly and easily figure out which pack is the one for your best furry friend.

Approach Pack


Ideal For: Full Day Hiking and Overnight Backpacking

The Ruffwear Approach Pack is an everyday pack that allows dogs to carry their own gear, food, and water, without too many added features that your adventures may not require. We often refer to it as our “entry level” pack, but the Approach Pack is well-suited for anyone, from seasoned backpackers to backcountry beginners. The pack is built with an integrated harness that offers five points of adjustment for a performance fit, a weight-forward saddlebag design, and a padded handle for comfortably assisting your dog over obstacles. The saddlebag capacity ranges from 2 L- 16 L, depending on the size, and is ideal for full day hiking or overnight backing. The Approach Pack comes in a full range of sizes, from XXS-L/XL, perfect for any adventurous pup who likes to carry his or her own weight!

Palisades Pack


Ideal For: Multi-day Backpacking Trips

The Palisades Pack includes added features that are ideal for multi-day backpacking, such as removable saddlebags, water bladders, and an internal compression system. On extended trips into the backcountry, being able to quickly and easily remove the saddlebags from your dog while leaving the harness in place can make a big difference for water crossings and rest breaks, and the internal compression system helps keep the load stable and comfortable for efficient movement on the trail. Two collapsible 1-liter hydration bladders fit securely inside the pack, while stash pockets and external loops help you keep your dog’s gear organized. The Palisades Pack holds a larger capacity than the Approach Pack, ranging from 10 L-19 L, depending on the pack size. The Palisades Pack is available in size S-X/XL.

Singletrak Pack


Ideal For: Full Day Hiking, Mountain Biking, Trail Running, Hot/Dry Weather

Perfect for long days on the trail, the Ruffwear Singletrak Pack is a low-profile, streamline pack that allows dogs to carry their own water and other small essentials. The Singletrak Pack is designed with the same harness frame as the Approach Pack and Palisades Pack, including five points of adjustment for a custom fit and a large padded handle for providing assistance. Two pockets on each side hold a 0.6 L collapsible water bladder, with just enough room leftover for some treats, poop bags, a first aid kit, or a small water bowl. The Singletrak Pack is designed with a light Cloudburst Gray color to reflect sunlight and help your canine companion stay cool on the go.


All Ruffwear packs feature reflective trim for added visibility in low light, padded chest and belly straps, and are backed with Ruffwear’s Trail Tested Promise. Check out some of our pack accessories here, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about our packs or other Ruffwear gear.

Happy Trails!

Merlin @liquidphoenix


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  1. I bought the L/XL Ruff wear pack for my Anatolian Great Pyrenees cross. The chest plate does not adjust large enough to fit his excess loose skin from his throat latch to between his front legs.

    What can I do to make it comfortable for him?

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