Spring showers bring sloppy trails and wet, muddy dogs – but no end to the adventure! Ruffwear offers two waterproof jackets that are specially designed to protect your furry companion against inclement weather: the Aira™ Rain Jacket and the Sun Shower™. So, what’s the difference between these two rain jackets? The Aira is sort of like having an umbrella, full-length rain coat, and wellies when the storm rolls in – it offers maximum protection from the wet weather. But, maximum protection is not always needed. When the showers are light or intermittent, the Sun Shower is a great option for staying dry and comfortable.

Learn all the ins and outs of our waterproof rain jackets below!

Aira™ Rain Jacket

0580-AiraRainJacket-RedRock-Right_ZoomThe Aira waterproof and windproof rain jacket allows the adventure to continue when the rain pours and the trail turns to mud. This full-coverage jacket protects the shoulders, hips, hindquarters and chest, with an oversized storm collar that folds up for even more protection from rain, wind and splattering mud. A non-insulated design and breathable mesh lining make the versatile Aira Rain Jacket a great stand-alone piece in warm climates, or it can be worn over insulating layers for extra protection in colder climates.

Autolock buckles provide a fit that’s easy and secure.

Leg loops help keep the jacket securely in place on the most blustery days, while an easy on/off design with autolock buckles on each side keep the jacket from shifting during play.

The leash portal on the back allows the Aira to be worn over a harness.

A leash portal on the back of the Aira Rain Jacket allows it to be worn over our Front Range or Web Master Harnesses. Reflective trim and a light loop attachment for The Beacon enhance visibility in low light conditions. The Aira is ideal for adventures on rain-soaked trails or in storms, pouring rain, or relentless wind.


Sun Shower™

05301_SunShower_PurpleDusk_Right_ZoomThe Sun Shower is a non-insulated waterproof jacket with an oversized storm collar and an easy on/off “vest” design. This rain jacket can be worn on its own or layered on top of a fleece or other insulating jacket. Reflective trim and a light loop attachment for The Beacon provide added low-light visibility. With less coverage than the Aira Rain Jacket, the Ruffwear Sun Shower is perfect for light precipitation or wind protection.


Chasing rainbows has never been more fun. Explore the Aira Rain Jacket, the Sun Shower and all the Ruffwear gear at Ruffwear.com!

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  1. When will you get more aira rain jackets? I live in the tropics, need a full coverage rain coat. Have one aira jacket which is perfect for my golden but got another dog. Now I have to walk them separately in rainy weather because they have to share the coat!

  2. Love, love, love the leash portal for harnesses. I can’t walk Kona on a collar, so this is a great feature! Now the harness can stay dry under her jacket!

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