A dog harness is a great piece of gear for assisting in training, providing support to elderly or disabled canines, handling working or service dogs, or keeping your best furry friend safe from the beginning to the end of your adventures. Explore our Harness Guide below to learn what each of our harnesses are specially designed for and discover which might best suit the needs of your canine companion.

Front Range Harness 3050_FrontRangeHarness_PacificBlue_Right_Zoom.jpg

The Ruffwear Front Range™ Harness is an everyday harness for any dog! It’s easy to put on and with four points of adjustment, it offers a snug fit for all shapes and sizes. There are two leash attachment points: one on the back for normal walking and one on the front for extra control with leash-pullers. An ID pocket quietly stores the tags and eliminates the additional need for a collar, while the padded chest and belly panel make the Front Rangecomfortable for all-day wear. This harness is a great option for dogs who are working on obedience training or for any dog as an alternative to wearing a collar.


Web Master Harness

Ruff Wear Product Shoot - SS12

Our Web Master Harness is the go-to for working dogs, elderly or disabled dogs who need a little extra support, and “Houdini” dogs who manage to wriggle out of a regular harness. This harness features five points of adjustment, padding in the chest and belly straps, and an anatomical design that’s comfortable and allows balanced lifting and load dispersion. An oversized handle makes it easy to hold onto the dog or provide assistance over obstacles. The Ruffwear Web Master™ Harness includes two convenient leash attachment points: a V-ring on the top or a webbing loop behind the padded handle. It’s also the base of our popular Palisades Pack!


Web Master Pro™ Harness 3070_WebMasterPro_RedCurrant_Right_Zoom

Designed specifically for professional avalanche rescue dogs and Search and Rescue teams and used widely by service and working dogs, Ruffwear’s Web Master Pro™ Harness is similar to its Web Master™ Harness, but it’s made with all-metal hardware and has two low-profile zippered pockets. The metal hardware and reverse coil weatherproof zippers withstand the rigors of professional use in snow, ice and dirty environments, and the two side pockets feature interior stretch-mesh organizers to hold small essentials and allow ID patches to be sewn on easily.


Doubleback Harness30301-DoublebackHarness-Right_Zoom

Our “climbing harness for dogs,” the Ruffwear Doubleback™ Harness is designed to safely lift and lower dogs in areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Freshly redesigned in 2016 with less weight and bulk, this belay harness is strength-rated to 2,000 lbf or 8.9 kN, and it includes padded belly support and leg loops that can be stowed when not in use. The harness offers seven points of adjustment for a secure and comfortable fit, a clearly labeled tie-in point that’s easy to connect to a rope, and anodized aluminum buckles for added safety and durability.


Load Up Harness3060_LoadUpHarness_ObsidianBlack_Right_Zoom.jpg

The Ruffwear Load Up™ Harness keeps dogs safe and secure during automotive travel to and from adventures, allowing the driver to focus. It attaches to existing seatbelts for a universal fit, and it can be worn comfortably during extended travel, including rest stops and bathroom breaks. The Load Up Harness is built with strength-rated all-metal hardware and has been tested to successfully withstand sudden vehicle movements and crash tests.


Omnijore Harness30401_Omnijore_RedCurrant_Right_Zoom

Our Omnijore Harness is part of the Ruffwear Omnijore™ System, which includes the Omnijore Hipbelt and Omnijore Towline. The harness, in conjunction with the hipbelt and towline, features a pulling-specific design for dog-powered activities like skijoring, bikejoring, mountainboard-joring, skatejoring, or canicross. It includes four points of adjustment for a great fit and removable girth straps to assist dogs through the joring learning curve.


As always, if you have any questions or feedback about our harnesses or any Ruffwear gear, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to help.

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    1. You’re right. We do typically recommend sizing down, but the Fit Guide recommends sizing up for the Front Range. However, at 17 inches, your dog will be able to fit either size. Thank you!

  1. Hi. I have a question. My dog’s chest size is max 17 inch. Neck size is Max 12 inch. Weight is 12lb(5.2~3kg).
    What size do my dog fit? xxs? xs? (for Ruffwear front range harness)

    1. Hi – Thanks for your inquiry. 17 inches around the chest is right on the cusp of XXS and XS. We tend to recommend going with the smaller size (XXS), but your dog can fit either size.

  2. I was a huge Ruffwear supporter and recommended the Front Range to everyone. Then we ordered our second Ruffwear (an orange one) and it was apparently faulty – the silver webbing began to fray in just a few months. We had the blue one for close to a year with no wear at all.

    I contacted the company, and they were great at sending out a replacement immediately…but the orange replacement began to fray in even less time, just 1.5 months!!

    I contacted the company and again they sent out a replacement (this time we asked for blue) but I’ve just stopped using the harnesses now, we have a Zero DC Short instead. I’ve never had a dog harness fray / break so quickly, and having the replacement that was sent out have the same fault made me totally lose trust in the company…customer service was good, but there has to be an issue with the product when it happens twice!

    You can find the post here, and somebody also commented saying they’d had the same issue with two of their (blue) Ruffwear harnesses:

    1. Hello – We’re sorry to hear about your experience and especially disappointed that you’ve received a faulty harness more than once. We have changed our manufacturing process to correct the defect that was happening with the clip on some of our Front Range Harnesses, and we have absolute confidence in the durability of our harnesses. Please contact our customer service team — we would love to remedy this and work to regain your trust in our products and company.

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