We’re inspired by our dogs every day. They teach us lessons, get us outside, encourage us to push on and to stop and play, snuggle up, and enjoy treats, too.

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Thanks for sharing the adventure.  Happy Trails!

Dog: Bridger
My Dog is My: Backcountry scout, pack animal and bed warmer

“Bridger was my first and only “foster failure” – a foster dog I couldn’t let go of. He came to me terrified of everything and everyone, a trembling mess anytime anybody even looked at him. But his spirit was not broken, and he eventually allowed me to handle him and love him. Over the next couple years he blossomed into an amazing companion, and now he’s a 6-year-old firecracker on four feet. He is my backcountry scout, pack animal, bed warmer, climbing companion, road trip champ, work assistant, running pace-car, tennis ball retriever extraordinaire, and all-around best friend. He makes me laugh every day and his loving, gentle soul is a constant reminder that all dogs (like all people) want to love and be loved, and they can thrive if given the chance.” – Ramey Newell


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