As the sun rises higher in the sky and the days get longer and warmer, snow turns to slushy runoff and trails become slick with mud. Spring rain showers swell creeks and rivers, sometimes flooding lawns and meadows. Fickle weather, squishy mud and puddles on the trail are signs that Spring is officially here, and it’s exactly these conditions that the Ruffwear Headwater™ Leash and Collar were designed to handle!


Perfect for wet and dirty environments, the Headwater™ Leash and Collar are made with waterproof, stink-proof, and easy-to-clean coated webbing. Bright colors stay bright, no matter how much time your furry friend spends rolling in the mud, and integrated reflectivity keeps your pup visible when a sudden thunderstorm darkens the sky.

25402-HeadwaterCollar-02_ZoomThe Headwater Collar is equipped with Ruffwear’s classic features, including a separate ID tag attachment with a tag silencer and a sturdy aluminum D-ring leash attachment point. The all-metal Crux™ Buckle, our take on the classic equine Conway buckle, is durable and secure.


The Headwater Leash features a comfortable 4-foot length and a strong, ergonomic Talon Clip™ for one-handed attachment. An accessory loop allows convenient carry for pickup bags or small clip-on items.

Ready for more? Here’s some feedback from our product testers:

“We would use this for all water activities from paddleboarding to sea swimming, river swimming and retrieving in lakes and reservoirs.”


“The talon clip system is just amazing, quick and simple to use. First used it on the Slackline Leash (which is one of the best leashes Ruffwear make) and loved it ever since. The colours of this leash are one of its best features along with the actual feel of the leash.”



“It’s a great design and really well made! Perfect for just wiping clean!”


“We’re always amazed at the high quality of construction of Ruffwear products and this is no exception. The metal that the buckle is made from seems super sturdy, and the collar itself feels like it would never break.”


Learn more about the Headwater™ Leash and Collar and explore more ready-for-Spring gear on the Ruffwear website!



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