We checked in with Ariel to see how Zoey’s settling into her new life as a RAD Adoption Program alum, and we found that she’s had no shortage of adventure at her forever home in Aspen, Colorado! Thanks,  Ariel, for taking the time to answer our questions and share some photos!

Zoey was described as a dog who loves the outdoors, playtime, and giving slobbery kisses. That sounded perfect to Ariel!

How long has Zoey been part of your family?

Zoey has been part of our family for about six months now. The months have flown by!

Zoey explores in her Front Range Harness.

What about Zoey has inspired you to make her part of your family? Why did you decide to adopt her?

When I first decided that I wanted to adopt a dog, I immediately went to the Best Friends website. I had adopted from there from before, and I just loved the animals and their facility. As I searched through all of the dogs that were up for adoption, they were cute, but I just couldn’t find the one that seemed to fit my lifestyle. I travel a lot and I love hiking and outdoor sports. A lot of these animals had a rough past and it didn’t seem like they could keep up with my busy schedule. Just when I thought all hope was lost, I scrolled to the bottom of the page and there she was. It didn’t say that she was part of the RAD Adoption Program, only that she could keep up, and to me, that was most important thing. The description went on to say she loves the outdoors and she loves playtime, not to mention that tongue of hers was way too cute to pass up! Needless to say, I immediately fell in love in contacted Best Friends right then.

Zoey enjoys wearing her pack – She knows it means adventure!

How has having Zoey in your family changed your life?


Zoey has brought light to our family. She’s rambunctious, slobbery, and a lot of fun to play with. When they said don’t adopt Zoey unless you like slobbery kisses, they really meant it. Although Zoey has partial paralysis in her tongue, it doesn’t slow her down one bit. She loves playing with balls, her toy shark, hiking in the snow, running around after squirrels, and just doing crazy dog stuff.

What is your most memorable or favorite experience that you’ve shared with Zoey?

My most memorable moment was bringing Zoey to the beach. Her eyes lit up and got enormous! She ran in circles around my fiancé and me at top speed, then juked to the right and went barreling towards the water. This wasn’t Zoey’s first time seeing water — we live next to lakes and rivers, and she loves playing in them all the time. This was, however, her first time seeing a tide! She spent the entire week chasing the tide in and out. Everyone at the camp was stunned at her endless energy and enthusiasm. “How do you ever keep up with her?” is a question we get often. Ian just loves to laugh and say, “Oh, we hadn’t noticed!” with the biggest grin.

Zoey had a blast exploring tides at the beach!

What would you tell someone that was considering adopting a dog?

To anyone looking to adopt a fur baby, the best advice I can give is to do your research! Then, when you think you’ve found the one, ask a million more questions. As fun as it can be to have a dog, if you don’t have the dedication and time to put aside every day, it’s really the dog that loses out. Dogs need as much love and attention as a person. Finding the right one to fit your lifestyle is crucial, but the work pays off. I couldn’t imagine the last 6 months without Zoey here, and the way she wiggles so crazily every time I walk in (knocking everything down within tail’s reach) says she feels the same!

Zoey has quickly become a mascot in Aspen and is loved by all!



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