Here at Ruffwear, we value the close relationships we have with working dog handlers, particularly the avalanche rescue professionals associated with the Wasatch Backcountry Rescue. For many years, Ruffwear’s Web Master™ Harness was the go-to dog harness for avalanche rescue teams. Through our work with the dog handlers, we gathered feedback that inspired us to build a ‘pro’ version of our Web Master Harness that met the specific needs of the professional dogs working in challenging conditions. Our new Web Master Pro™ Harness features all-metal hardware that resists snow and ice build up, low-profile pockets that hold small essentials, and easy access for sewing on working dog patches.

But, we don’t expect you to take our word for it so we asked Tracy Christensen, WBR President and avalanche rescue professional to send us his thoughts on the Web Master Pro Harness – thanks Tracy!

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Photo credit: Jay Dash Photography

The Web Master Pro Harness is my everyday go-to for many reasons. As a professional avalanche rescue dog handler, I need a harness that won’t fail, and I need to be able to have complete trust in my equipment or my dog could suffer from a career-ending injury.

All day long I’m working with my dog between my skis, on ski lifts, snowmobiles, and on high angle mountain slopes, I need a harness that fits properly. I need complete control of my dog, I can’t have a loose or poorly fitting harness, the response needs to be immediate to keep him out of harm’s way.

The Web Master Pro is the only harness that I have been able to keep my dog in for up to a ten hour ski patrol shift with out any hot spots or discomfort. I am able to customize a nice tight fit and still not limit the range of motion that is needed for a working avalanche rescue dog.

The low-profile side pockets with the organizers allow for me to keep a few essential items, a couple of carabiners and extra webbing or leash should I need to secure my dog to the back of the chair lift or a quick tie out on a medical scene.

A couple of extras that I really appreciate as an avalanche rescue dog handler is the padded handle that’s big enough to fit a gloved hand and the added security of the metal reverse zipper coils that I prefer. Also, the reflective trim gives me added visibility in the early morning when the only light is from your headlamp as you are working your way down the mountain.

The Ruffwear Web Master Pro is a harness that exceeds all my required needs.

Tracy D. Christensen
Wasatch Backcountry Rescue / President

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