Here’s an inspiring tale and photo collection from our friends Cindy and Zach Grant and their sidekick, Yoda. Pray for snow!

Yoda is a Norweigan Elk Hound who lives in a snowbound, hand-built,  back-country cabin with his humans who are both professional snowboarders. Yoda is a motivated mountain dog specializing in powder frolicking. He lives for hunting squirrels and sliding on snow. His ancestors are from one of the oldest arctic breeds, originating from the vikings to help herd big animals towards the hunters. His pack, Zach and Cindi Grant, have a love for adventure that has blossomed into a life of adventure. Their home base moved further into the wilderness when, together they built their dream chalet by hand. It is accessed only by boards or snow machines making everyday an adventure. They love to encourage others to live their dreams, they say all it takes is believing in progress and staying true.

Yoda shredding his back yard with his human, Zach Grant
While hiking 110 miles across the Wind River range, Yoda takes a much deserved lunch nap with his Palisades Pack.
Cindi Grant straps in as Yoda scopes his line.
On top of the world! Or at least the Wasatch with his handy Singletrak Pack.
In the summer, Yoda loves to lick the fish Zach pulls out of the river, only a few miles from home.
A Grant family photo out in front of their hand built back-country home.

Check out Yoda in action in his ‘Yoda Shreds’ video:

Thanks to Zach, Cindy and Yoda for sharing their story and photos! Follow their adventures: @cindilougrant and @backcountryliving

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