In early 2015, Ruffwear and Best Friends Animal Society teamed up to highlight the active, adventure-seeking dogs at The Sanctuary in Southern Utah that are ready to be adopted by like-minded humans.  

As a way to honor and celebrate October’s Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, we’re sharing an update from one of our Ruff Adventure Dogs, Kira, adopted by Sidney in Utah:

Everything has been great with us here, once again thank you for all that you guys have done at Ruffwear! 
Kira has been part of our little family of college kids since July 12th, just about three months. I have rescue dogs back home at my parents’ house in Colorado and have grown up with them so coming out to college (in my third year at the University of Utah), I wanted to adopt a dog out here at school.
me and kira
Kira has changed my life for the better. I feel that I am an active person and having her around makes getting outside easier and more exciting. I love having her around because of her positive energy she always has. Nothing makes me smile more than when I come home and she army-crawls over to me with the biggest doggy smile on her face as she rolls on to her back. She is the biggest cuddler at night and is just an absolute joy to be around. Wherever I go, she goes (along with her ball), she’s my best friend. Picking a favorite experience we have had together is a difficult one. I love any time I get to spend with her, but I especially love playing frisbee with her as she is the worlds best frisbee player.

If anyone was thinking of adopting a dog and wasn’t quite sure, I would say absolutely do it. Granted, you have to have the time, financial stability, and responsibility required for your new fluffy best friend, but it is 110% worth it. I am a full time college student, that also works part time and Kira and I go one or two walks a day, play frisbee/ball, and enjoy each other’s company.

I can’t describe how lucky I feel to have met Kira because she is absolutely perfect. If you are looking to get a new pal, there is nothing better than having another shadow who has an unlimited amount of love.

Getting Kira was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I look forward to the many years we will have together sharing many adventures.

Learn more about Ruffwear’s RAD Program and Best Friends Animal Society and find your new Best Friend today.

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