Have you noticed the daylight hours getting shorter and shorter? Over the next thirty days, we will lose an average of 1.7 minutes of daylight per day – pushing sunset before 7 pm (depending on where you live). The early sunset can make our post-work hikes, runs or mountain bike rides a little difficult without the proper gear. Just as you equip yourself for evening adventures with lighting and reflective gear, equip your dog to extend their adventures in the early morning or far into the evening hours safely. Two products designed specifically for evening adventures are the Track Jacket™ and Beacon™.


Not only great for day outings in the woods during hunting season, our Track Jacket is the ideal hi-vis jacket for low-light and urban evening outings alike. Constructed with a blaze orange fabric that is ultra visible, this coat also features an integrated reflective design to enhance the visibility. Add three Beacon safety lights to the integrated light loops and never question where your dog is or whether they will be seen by others again.


Make your dog extra visible to yourself and others with the Ruffwear Beacon. The Beacon is a bright LED dog light designed to keep dogs visible in low-light conditions. This dog-tested light is sturdy, compact, watertight, lightweight, and easy to use. The Beacon easily attaches to a collar, coat, harness or life jacket with its built-in rear clip or Quick Ring™. Three light modes – including slow flash, fast flash and always on – allow you to track multiple dogs.

In addition to these safety inspired products, Ruffwear also builds in reflective accents to a majority of other products, including leashes, collars, apparel, life jacket, harnesses, packs, bowls and more.

Stay safe, stay seen, and extend your adventures into the evening. Don’t let the shorter days stifle your adventures!

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  1. We love these items at #HERMITSHUT they are some of our biggest sellers . lots of folks in our area like to take thier four legged family out into the beautiful yet rugged wilderness! We like to think that these products are helping to keep them safe thanks #RUFFWEAR for continueing to produce a quality product

  2. I can’t speak highly enough about the track jacket! Super durable, high visibility and quite stylish. I’ve put about 300+ miles in with my best ACD bud, Pips in the Sierras. It cleans up great. This is an absolute necessity in any trail hiking companions!

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