For anyone who has shared a tent with their dog on a cool, crisp night, we have a feeling you have probably shared your sleeping bag as well. Ruffwear has long offered dog beds perfect for camping and backpacking. Now, we are excited to introduce a complete sleeping system, including your dog’s very own sleeping bag!

1050_LandingPad_GraniteGray_Both_500The foundation of the sleeping system is the new Highlands Pad™, a low-profile sleeping pad with an accordion-fold design for packability and easy transport. The Highlands Pad has a closed-cell foam core to provide padding and insulation and a brushed polyester fabric shell.

The Highlands Pad can be used on its own or with our redesigned Highlands Bed™ or new Highlands Sleeping Bag™. You can mix and match, based on conditions and your dog’s needs.

For those dogs that like to nest under cover, our new Highlands Sleeping Bag™ features a side zipper for easy entry, with an insulating sleeping surface and cover. The Highlands Sleeping Bag has a 1060_HighlandsSleepingBag_MeadowGreen_Both_500durable polyester shell that is filled with lightweight synthetic insulation to provide warmth even when wet. The bag zips entirely open, creating a large bed to spread out on, or for two dogs to share. For additional insulation from hard, cold surfaces, add the Highlands Pad to the Highlands Sleeping Bag’s integrated pad sleeve for the ultimate sleeping system. Packs easily by compressing into an included stuff sack and fits in all sizes of our Palisades Pack.

For milder ni10401_HighlandsBed_MeadowGreen_Both_500ghts, when a full bag may not necessary, or you want to save on weight, the Highlands Bed™ provides just enough insulation from the cold ground creating a comfortable resting place. With its synthetic insulated surface, the Highlands Bed has been updated with a pad sleeve to accommodate the Highlands Pad for additional insulation from the ground, and is now available in a vibrant new green color.

To get the run-down from Blair at Ruffwear, check out our Quick Start Guide video on the Highlands Sleeping System.

Give your dog their own sleeping system for a warm, comfy night’s sleep. They’ll love it so much, you may miss your old sleeping bag cuddle partner.

Shop the Highlands Sleeping System HERE.

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    1. No, they will not fit in the Web Master Pro Harness pockets. Those pockets are slim-fitting to the body and are intended to fit small items like pick up bags or leashes.

  1. Looks like an amazing new sleep system. I know I’ll be saving up for one. Are there any temperature ratings available for the items?

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