1060-HighlandsSleepingBag-Lifestyle01_ZoomHey – this is Susan and I’ve been a part of the Ruffwear Pack since 2008. My black lab, Artie joins me on the trails and rivers around Bend, Oregon, living the dream. As this season’s new products focus fairly heavily on core winter gear, I thought I would tell you about my transformation from warm-weather worshiper to one of winter’s biggest fans.

Growing up in Southern California, I didn’t own a cold-weather jacket until I took up snow skiing as a teenager. Back then, gearing up for the weather meant putting on a cotton sweatshirt to keep warm until the morning fog burned off. After seven years of living in Central Oregon, I’ve learned to appreciate the finer points of synthetic materials, insulation and layering. It is no exaggeration to say that winter apparel transformed me. I went from hating (and even being afraid of) the cold to thriving outside in the winter months. Wearing the appropriate gear for the conditions has given me the freedom to focus on the adventure and the experience instead of how cold I am. I’ve even started admitting that I can’t wait for winter!

At Ruffwear, outdoor adventures mean our dogs share in every part of the experience. And, with the exception of a few hearty, cold-loving breeds, dogs benefit from technical gear that keeps them comfortable in harsh winter conditions, just like human gear does for us. For the Fall/Winter 2015 season, our product design team has leveraged their extensive knowledge of technical materials into our latest round of new and redesigned products. If your winter plans include travel and outdoor winter activities, we’ve got a collection of packable, warm, durable dog gear that is ready to load up and head out.

0570_PowderHound_BajaBlue_Left_2500Our new Powder Hound™ hybrid insulated hybrid jacket combines two high-performance technical materials for the ultimate in weather-resistant warmth. The synthetic insulated upper is the same ‘puffy’ material found on the Quinzee™ and the breathable, stretch knit lower is like that found on our Cloud Chaser™ soft-shell jacket. These two warm, weather-resistant materials, combined with our sleeved-jacket style, create a superior solution for all-day, cold-weather activities.

Since its introduction in the fall of 2011, the Quinzee™ has become one of our most popular dog coats. Updated for 2015 in three new colors, we maintained sought-after features like the integrated stuff sack for packability and 200-gram synthetic insulation for superior warmth. The Quinzee is lightweight, durable and easy to put on, making it ideal for active dogs that are always on the go.Beds

When it comes to camping with dogs, there’s a pretty good chance your sleeping bag is also your dog’s sleeping bag. Now, with our new sleeping system, your canine camper has his or her own place to curl up so you can reclaim your bag and a peaceful night’s rest. The foundation of our system is the new Highlands Pad™, a packable, low-profile sleeping pad. The Highlands Pad can be used on its own or with our redesigned Highlands Bed™ or new Highlands Sleeping Bag™. You can mix and match, based on conditions and your dog’s needs.

For dogs that like to nest under cover, our new Highlands Sleeping Bag features a side zipper for easy entry, with an insulating sleeping surface and cover. For additional insulation from hard, cold surfaces, add the Highlands Pad to the Highlands Sleeping Bag’s integrated pad sleeve for the ultimate sleeping system.

The Highlands Bed, with its insulated surface, has been updated with the Highlands Pad sleeve, to accommodate additional insulation from the ground, and is being offered in a vibrant new green color. Sweet dreams for all.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 3.42.19 PMOver the years Ruffwear has partnered with avalanche rescue teams to provide gear for their highly-trained rescue dogs. These teams work in the most extreme weather conditions and they demand a lot from their gear. In order to meet the unique needs of avi dogs and their handlers, we created the Web Master Pro™ Harness, complete with all-metal hardware, weatherproof zippers and an oversized handle for ease-of-use with winter gloves. Five points of adjustment allow for a customized fit and two low-profile pockets on either side make it easy to sew on ID and working dog patches.

The Omnijore Joring System™ has successfully blended the performance of a custom-fitted dog-powered pulling harness with easy-to-use components, creating a system designed for any dog-pulling excursion. We’ve updated the popular Omnijore system with a new towline, featuring shock-absorbing Wavelength™ webbing and a re-engineered dog harness that provides a more streamlined, comfortable fit for dogs on the go. Our human hipbelt retains all the favorite features for a comfortable dog-human connection. The Omnijore Joring System is equally at home on snow, pavement or trails for any dog-powered activity: skiing, running/canicross, skateboarding and mountainboarding.

30401-Omnijore-Lifestyle03_ZoomWith these new products, we’re excited about the possibilities created and the extended adventures that await. Exploring the great outdoors with dogs is one of life’s greatest pleasures. If cold conditions have kept you and your dog indoors in the past, consider Ruffwear gear for your next outing. I am already looking forward to snow flakes getting stuck on my eyelashes while I watch Artie jump for joy into the nearest snow bank. Leave the hibernating to the bears and let your canine sidekick lead the way.

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  1. Hi Ruffwear, love your dog gear, have a lot of it. Sad to see you abandon your former dedication to having a light loop for the Beacon sewn into your dog vests, harnesses and jackets. The Beacons are a vital safety component and it is wonderful when a harness has the loop so the light is positioned and secure to shine visibly. I hope you will tweak all your designs to include one or more light loops.

    1. Hi there – thanks for the feedback! We do include Light Loops on all of our apparel (dog jackets/vests). For harnesses and packs, we leave the Light Loops off as part of our ‘less is more’ design philosophy. With the webbing straps on the packs and harnesses, we decided that the Beacon could easily be clipped on to these products without the need for a dedicated loop. That said, I will certainly pass along your feedback to our Product Design team for their consideration! Thanks again for taking the time to let us know that this is important to you. We appreciate it.

  2. Ruffwear, can you put a martingale clip on your dog harnesses? I like your sturdy harness, but there is nothing to stop my dog from lunging when he sees wild life. You could address this by replacing the metal clip on the top of the harness with a martingale that tightens if the pup lunges.

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