In our previous blog post, we reviewed our favorite pieces of gear for car camping with our canine companions. Now, let’s take a look at the gear guide to backpacking with your dog.

dogview_highlandsbed1_ZoomBackpacking is unique in that the goal is to carry what you need to stay safe and relatively comfortable, and not much more. Any extra gear equals extra weight. It will take a few overnight and multi-day outings to start to really understand what you truly need, what you are willing to do without and what you will probably never use and can leave behind on the next outing.

For backpacking gear, Ruffwear strives to design gear that is light, but also as durable as possible, knowing that your dog will probably run with wild abandon through brush, briar and against rocks. A true backpacking dog pack has to be durable in the right areas, have zippers that open from the back forward (to prevent accidental opening when closed) and has to fit securely and comfortably. A dog bed has to balance lightweight with durable materials to protect it from claws and rocks. It should also be filled with synthetic material to ensure it retains its insulating properties when your wet dog curls up on it. These are just a few examples of the detailed thought that goes into designing our gear.

With that, here is our ultimate backpacking gear list:

BackpackingPalisades Pack™ – Just like a human pack, your backpacking experience can be greatly improved by a pack that fits properly and has functional features that work in your favor. The Palisades Pack makes multi-day backcountry adventures possible with features like removable saddlebags, two collapsible water bottles, and a load compression system.

Headwater™ Collar – While your clothes may start to develop a smell after a few days on the trail, your dog’s collar doesn’t have to. The Headwater Collar is light, waterproof and stink-proof and has a reflective pattern for low-light visibility.

Ridgeline™ Leash – Strong, compact and lightweight, the Ridgeline is the ultimate minimalist leash. Perfect for backpacking in areas where you only need leashes occasionally and want something that will pack away easily when not in use.

Highlands Bed™ – The Highlands Bed is the perfect balance of lightweight and durability. This packable bed is filled with synthetic insulation, packs into an included stuff sack and fits in our Palisades Pack or Approach Pack™.

Quencher™ Bowl – The original packable dog bowl, the Quencher has accompanied many dogs on thru-hikes and backpacking trips for over twenty years. Perfect for mealtime or mid-day water breaks.

Beacon™ Safety Light – You will be out at night. Keep your dog visible with the Beacon LED light. The Beacon clips onto all Ruffwear wearable dog gear – collars, packs, apparel, life jackets, and harnesses.

Add food, treats and poop bags to the list and you are equipped for any overnight or multi-day adventure.

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