While some hardy souls may have been camping throughout the winter, for most of us, camping season has officially just arrived.

The great thing about camping is that everyone has their idea of what camping is and can enjoy it however they like – whether that is in a tent in the backyard, spending a few days at a campground, or heading out for a multi-day backpacking trek.

At Ruffwear, we appreciate all forms of outdoor adventure and have designed gear to support you and your dog in whatever form of camping you choose. Over our next two blog posts, we will highlight our favorite canine gear for both car camping and backpacking.

For this post, we’ll start with car camping. The best part about car camping is that you do not have to worry about having the lightest and most compact gear. You can pack the kitchen sink if you want to! So, knowing that you can pack all of the creature comforts you want, here is our list of favorite car camping gear.

Blog_OVRHD_CarCampingDirtbag™ Seat Cover – Camping provides for some good, old-fashioned, dirty fun. Protect your vehicle from the remnants of dog adventures with this durable, waterproof cover.

Mt. Bachelor Pad™ – One of the easiest ways to provide a sense of familiarity and comfort for your dog is by taking along a trusty portable dog bed – a bed that they know as their “place”. The Mt. Bachelor Pad has been that “place” for many dogs on countless camping trips.

Bivy Bowl™ and Bivy Cinch™ – These collapsible dog bowls store easily when not in use and expand to form sturdy, durable waterproof food or water bowls. The Bivy Cinch includes a cinch-top closure, allowing you to pack their kibble ahead of time, close the bowl and store it for later use.

Kibble Kaddie™ – Planning on being gone for more than one feeding? The Kibble Kaddie stores up to 42 cups (10L) of kibble to ensure that you have enough food for the long haul. The best feature of this roll-top bag is the magnetic food-chute, allowing you to pour kibble without opening the top!

Roamer™ Leash – Many campgrounds require leashes. The Roamer gives your dog enough freedom to roam thanks to the Wavelength™ stretch webbing. The handle allows for hands-free hiking when waist worn, or allows you to connect the leash to a tree or picnic table while you set up camp.

Beacon™ Safety Light – This bright LED dog light is designed to keep your dog visible around camp at night.

Haul Bag™ – Last, but not least, use this wide-opening gatemouth bag to pack all of these camp essentials. Internal and external zip and mesh pockets make it easy to keep your dog’s gear organized.

Where are you camping this summer and what gear are you and your canine companion packing?

Stay tuned on Tuesday next week for our gear guide to backpacking with your dog!

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