Summer is officially here, and with it, the warm temperatures. Your dog still wants to play but is panting and not quite as enthusiastic halfway through your normal daily walk, run or ride and seeks shade like a magnet. The challenge for dogs is that they do not have the ability to really sweat across their entire body to stay cool. They sweat a little through their paws, but panting is their main method of cooling off. Ruffwear designed our customer favorite Swamp Cooler cooling vest so that your pup can continue to explore the world’s great sites all summer long without overheating. Receiving an average review of 5 out of 5 stars by our customers, the Swamp Cooler is a dog-pleaser, keeping their core body temperature cool as the outside temps approach triple digits.


How does it work?  Simply soak the vest with water, wring it out and put it on your dog! The evaporative cooling process will move heat away and cool moist air towards your dog.


The Swamp Cooler is designed with three distinct functional layers. First, the outer layer acts as a parasol, blocking the sun, and is highly breathable to assist in the evaporative process and keep air moving through the vest to cool the inner layers. Second, the middle layer is the absorbent layer that holds the water after you soak it. And third, the comfortable inner mesh layer wicks water from the mid-layer to the dog’s body keeping them cool.


To keep your pup running cool all summer long, the Swamp Cooler is your go-to vest. For more info on the Swamp Cooler, click HERE.

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  1. this is a really cool (pun intended haha) product and very useful. my friend and i hike with our dogs. this would work wonders for my friends standard schnauzer

    1. Hi Alan,

      This is possible. Some of the breathability would be compromised, but as long as it is damp, it should still keep the dog cooler. We recommend periodically feeling the dog’s temperature under the coat to make sure that it is still damp and that it feels nice and cool.

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