With three models of dog packs, a couple of questions we frequently get are, what pack should I get for my dog? And, what are the differences between your packs?

The question that we ask in return to aid in the decision making process is, “what activities will you be using this pack for with your dog?”

All three of our packs share the same great fit, thanks to the Web Master™ Harness frame – offering a customizable fit, with five points of adjustment. This optimum fit allows for the full range of motion needed in the active pursuits the packs are designed for.

The differences really come from the activities they are designed for. Here is a simple comparison to help you decide what pack is best for your adventure dog.

Palisades Pack

PalisadesBlogIdeal For:

  • Fully featured, ultimate pack for multi-day backpacking adventures

Distinguishing Features:

  • Removable saddlebags for rest stops or water crossings
  • Web Master Harness frame provides stability and weight distribution
  • Two 1.0L collapsible water bladders included
  • Load compression system secures the load

Color Available:

  • Red Currant

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 Approach Pack

ApproachPackBlogIdeal For:

  • A mid-volume pack perfect for day outings and light overnighters.
  • Hiking, light overnight treks

Distinguishing Features:

  • Attached saddlebags are sized for day trips
  • Web Master Harness frame provides stability and weight distribution
  • Stash pockets, coated zippers and external gear loops

Colors Available:

  • Pacific Blue
  • Campfire Orange

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 Singletrak Pack

SingleBlogIdeal for:

  • Simple hydration pack for day outings where you only need water, a bowl and possibly some snacks.
  • Trail running, mountain biking, day hikes and peak bagging

Distinguishing Features:

  • Low-profile saddlebags ride close to the body, allowing dogs to be agile
  • Two soft-sided 0.6L collapsible water bladders included
  • Two external stash pockets hold collapsible bowl, leash and pickup bags

Color Available:

  • Cloudburst Gray

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To ensure the proper fit, first you need to measure your dog’s girth, then refer to the sizing charts below.



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  1. Can/Should these be paired with a swamp cooler vest? Or only used when it’s not hot enough to wear the swamp cooler? Also, do these have leash attachments in the front (like a harness)to help with pups that need help to keep from pulling.

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