Ruffwear’s Founder, Patrick Kruse, and his dog Mavis hit the road today – heading east on a 2896 mile journey from Bend, OR to Florida. Below are his thoughts on the trip they are embarking on. They will be sending us photos throughout their trip that we will be posting to Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to follow along!

Tis the season for the annual migration of birds of a feather. As the Earth rotates around the sun and the sun arcs toward the tropic of cancer, the ground warms bringing thermals to the northern latitudes that lift raptors, spiders, leaves and flying things on columns of warm buoyant air masses.

On may 9th, 120+ Hang glider Pilots and their support crews will descend upon the Florida Peninsula to compete in two of the seasons Hang Gliding competitions. Because flying commercial aircraft with a 16 foot long piece of “sporting equipment” can be a challenge, Mavis and I will be loading up in our 15 passenger home brewed camper van with gear stacked on the rack and solar powered refrigerator and make the trek from and to opposite corners of the United States.

IMG_7023We have made this drive at least 7 times now from Central Oregon to an area known as the Florida Ridge and green swamp, a prehistoric sand dune that runs the spine of the Florida Peninsula, the ultimate road trip. We will be taking three days to make the 2896 miles. Along the way we are sure to have some great adventures as pine trees turn to palm trees and we roll through small towns with classic diners and amazing people. When we arrive in Florida, the flying begins, I will be towed aloft with ultralight tugs appropriately called Dragonflies. Once aloft we release and go searching for lift, first one to complete a course wins the day. At the end of he day, we tell stories, score our task and call it a day so that we can get some much needed sleep, wake up and fly again, it will groundhog day for the next two weeks. Mavis will be part of my ground crew and she seems to enjoy the huge expanses of grassy savanna and the constant companionship of living out of the van.

We will be checking in with updates as we make our way and the adventure unfolds.


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  1. What a gorgeous blue heeler. Great pics/ have a safe enjoyable trip. ‘Can’t wait to see more pics.

  2. Wow just three days! Thats impressive. It took us 2 days to get from SF to Denver Colorado, and we didn’t even get to stop and hike or take many photos.

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