RoadTripContest-BannerRoad trips! They really aren’t “staycations”. They are road trips – adventures carried out by hitting the open road and enjoying the journey. Trips that are dreamt up while staring at a map with a cup of coffee in hand and dog at our feet.

As spring paves the way for summer, and winter storm warnings become a thing of the past, many of us are starting to dream up our own road trip plans for the year.

To celebrate 2015 as the Year Of The Road Trip, we want to hear about your road trip plans for the year. What trips are you planning, and what activities are you looking forward to along the way?

To help support your trip, we are going to give away some of our new travel dog gear to a few selected winners.

140819_RUFF-1955To enter, all you have to do is comment on this Facebook post, letting us know your road trip plans for the year (with your dog of course).

Entry period is April 13-19, 2015. We will announce the winners on Monday, April 20th.

We look forward to hearing about your trip plans!

For those hitting the open road this year. Take plenty of pictures! – hint, hint… stay tuned for another contest later this summer.


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  1. I clicked on the link and nothing opened? For privacy reasons I don’t do FB hope my comment still enters me.

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