History is riddled with tales of exploration. It is in our spirit to want to seek or venture into the unknown – or at least to see for our own eyes those places that captivate our imagination.

For many of us, we could not imagine exploring new territory without having our dogs by our side. In fact, many times it is our dog’s own exploratory ethos that pushes us to get out and push ourselves to go to new places. Other times, it is the simple bond and inseparable companionship that makes us perfect adventure partners.

In this series of blog posts, we would like to recognize a few of history’s great explorers, who not only pushed the limits of human exploration, but who also celebrated the bond that humans and canines have. A bond shaped and strengthened through shared experiences.

The first explorer that we chose to highlight is Jacques-Yves Cousteau – perhaps the most famous underwater explorer of the world’s great oceans.

Jc2This may sound like an interesting choice for us – an underwater explorer, who for the most part, could not take his dogs with him when he left the boat for the underwater world. This is true, but what strikes us is Jacques’ undeniable bond with his two Dachshunds, Bulle and Scaphandrier. For Jacques, a boat’s crew was not complete without his dogs on board.

Jc5Jacques (1910-1997) was a French Naval Officer, explorer, ecologist, filmmaker, scientist, environmentalist and researcher who dedicated his life and body of work to the sea. At a time when underwater exploration was fairly new, Jacques pushed the boundaries by co-developing the Aqua-Lung (the original SCUBA device) to allow for underwater breathing. He then went on to help develop underwater film equipment so that he could share the underwater world with the rest of us through film and books.

Hi passions were the oceans, conservation and last but not least, his dogs.

We honor explorers and the exploring spirit in all of us.

Stay tuned for next month’s highlighted explorer.


*photo credits – Pinterest & MIT Museum





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