Simple, rugged and versatile are just a few words that can be used to describe the Just-A-Cinch leash.

Now available in four new colors, the Just-A-Cinch is a climbing-inspired leash/collar combo made of strong and supple 11-millimeter kernmantle rope.

Just-Colors-2What makes this leash unique is that it is a leash and collar in one. The collar is created by simply sliding the loop end of the leash over the dog’s head and sliding the silicone stopper into place, which prevents the collar from loosening and falling off.

When used properly, the collar portion of this lead provides a gentle correction that is great for major pullers, training sessions and spontaneous walks. To set it up for correction, form a “P” with the loop (as pictured below) and slide it over the dog’s head. This is the setup if you are walking on the right side of the dog. If you will be walking on the left side, form a “q” with the loop. The key to this is to make sure that the leash end of the loop is coming down through the stainless O-ring and then back up to you.

Just-A-CinchStepsThe Just-A-Cinch is the perfect leash to keep in the car at all times as an emergency leash. Ideal for quick bathroom breaks or helping a lost dog who does not have a collar on.

Other features of the Just-A-Cinch include:

  • Reflective stitching the entire length of the leash for ultimate low-light reflectivity
  • Comfortable, easy to grip tubular webbing handle
  • Accessory loop near handle for attaching pick-up bags
  • 5 foot length Just-Features

For more information and to shop the Just-A-Cinch, click HERE.

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