ver·sa·tile – able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities*


Versatile is a perfect word to describe the Knot-A-Long™. The Knot-A-Long is a thirty-inch climbing inspired leash that incorporates a comfortable tubular webbing handle, accessory loop for attaching pick-up bags and a locking carabiner for secure leash attachment.

40261_KnotALong_BlueSpring_ZoomA few customers have asked us what this leash is best used for so we thought we would share with you just a few of the ways we use this leash. We’d love to hear your creative uses for this leash too! Share with us in the comments below or on Facebook.

Good for two! – The Knot-A-Long, when combined with the Double Track™ Coupler, forms the perfect two-dog walking system.

40261_KnotALong_Lifestyle04_ZoomAprès – It’s no secret that one of the best ways to wrap up a great day in the mountains is to clink glasses at your favorite local watering hole in celebration. Include your dog in the celebration! The Knot-A-Long is the perfect length to keep your dogs close in crowded areas – like The Lot.

140820_RUFF-4004Keep a spare – How many times have you loaded the pup, hit the road and shown up at your destination realizing that you forgot a leash? If you’re lucky, you will be somewhere that you do not need a leash but it’s good to have one on you at all times. The Knot-A-Long takes up little to no room in the car and is perfect to keep around for those emergency situations.

140819_RUFF-1955Training – Sometimes a little training can go a long way. A short, strong lead can be just the right tool to communicate effectively with your pup. Like all great relationships, good communications is the key!

What are your uses for the Knot-A-Long leash?

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