BlogRoad Trip – just the mention of those words bring to mind a plethora of great past experiences, as well as excitement for future road trips. What I love most about road trips is that they are more about the journey and less about the destination. Sure, road trips typically have a goal, but it is the unexpected events along the way that breathe life into the adventure. For me, there are many kinds of road trips, some are planned to the mile with specific destinations for each day’s distance. Others take on a more free form approach where those happenstance lunch stops in green pastures, meetings with locals, mechanical breakdowns or weather-induced influences take over the events of the day. At first, these unplanned events seem like they will derail the trip until you realize, this is the trip. How we embrace and gain from these experiences is when the real magic begins. One thing I learned early on living aboard sail boats (a similar but different kind of “road tripping”) is that some sense of organization allows my travels to unfold in a manner where I have more opportunity to focus on the trip and less on finding my “stuff”. Organization allows me to squeeze every last bit of greatness out of my adventures. As we used to say on the sail boat, everything has its place and everyplace has its thing. On a road trip, it is good to have a place for the car keys, know where the lug wrench for the spare is, and as my wife can attest, nice to know where that fire extinguisher might be tucked away, but that is another story…

We have been including our dogs on our road trips for as long as I can recall. In my teens Patches and Marriah would join us on our travels to go backpacking, more recently Otis joined us on kayaking, hiking, and mt. biking journeys, and now Mavis and Chief – just about every road trip we make, everyone, four legs and two legs alike, piles into Great White, our converted van. Over the years we have developed a system to keep us rolling down the road. It used to be challenging to stay focused on the road when the dogs were in the back rummaging in their two-week food stash or getting scrappy over who has the Hover Craft. So, out of simple needs we developed solutions for road tripping with our dogs. With that motto rambling around in our heads, everything has its place and everyplace has its thing, we thought that others too could benefit from our efforts. We are excited to get you rolling down the road with our latest product offerings and off on your next adventure.

3575_HaulBag_ForestGreen_Front_Angle_ZoomOur new Haul Bag™ is a return of a past favorite previously known as a Water And Gear Bag. This gate mouth bag is perfectly sized for all the good stuff: toys, pick up bags, leashes, bowls, treats, a loaded Kibble Kaddie™, and you are good to go. We load the Haul Bag up and keep it within reach so grabbing the leash, and pick up bag at rest stops is a breeze and meal times, a simple pour and go.

3585_DirtBagSeatCover_Lifestyle01_ZoomAnother road trip staple is our Dirt Bag™ Seat Cover. Dogs love diving into adventure and sometimes that means they bring some of that adventure back with them in the form of water, dirt and if we are really lucky, eau de squirrel. Our Dirt Bag helps keep the adventure contained and off of vehicle seats.

BlogLoadUpSome folks have been using Ruffwear harnesses to secure their dogs while traveling and we’ve learned that some states are requiring pet restraints in cars. To meet this need, we’ve developed a road trip-specific harness called the Load Up™ Harness that incorporates our many years of experience in building harnesses. Designed to restrain a dog in a moving vehicle, the Load Up Harness has strength-rated hardware and components that have been put through the paces on crash test sleds at MGA Research Corp (a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration contracted test facility) under the conditions outlined in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213.

SS15_QuencherOther offerings for the SS15 season include updated Quencher™ bowls, the original travel bowl, and new colors for our Knot-a-Collar and Knot-a-Leash. And, we’re bringing back our Knot-a-Long, a 30 inch length leash that is great for keeping dogs close that also works well with our Double Track™ Coupler.

SS15_KnotSo with that, all that is left to do is plan the next road trip, we’ll see you out there.


Patrick (Leader of the Pack)

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