The year of the road trip! A theme you will see across most of our new products in our new Spring 2015 line up – available this Friday, January 30th.

While some are fortunate to have trails right out their back door, many of us simply cannot get around having to load up the car and drive to seek adventure. For many of us, the idea of a road trip even conjures up fond memories of infinite possibility on the open road. For many of our dogs, the car is their gateway to adventure and their excitement can barely be tamed once they learn they get to hop in the back seat.

The first product we are revealing for spring is the all-new Dirtbag™ Seat Cover – a rear seat cover that allows you to adventure freely, knowing that your dog can take that last jump in the river and your car seat will be protected.


The Dirtbag Seat Cover comes packed inside its integrated stuff sack. Simply remove the seat cover and it can easily be set up in bench or hammock mode. Hammock mode provides a little extra protection, keeping your floorboards clean and preventing most dogs from hopping into the front seat.

The durable waterproof fabric securely attaches to the rear seat via stuffer cleats that get anchored in the gap between the seat and seat back and adjustable webbing loops that wrap around the headrests.

Other features of the Dirtbag Seat Cover include:

  • Integrated seatbelt access points
  • Side flaps that keep grunge off the seat during entry and exit
  • Non-slip fabric backing keeps the cover in place on the seat
  • Integrated zippered pocket, perfect for storing necessities like leashes and treats
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning

DirtBagFeaturesAvailable this Friday, January 30th, the Dirtbag Seat Cover is the perfect complement to your next canine road trip. Adventure freely, and embrace the elements, dirt included.

Stay tuned as we continue to sneak peek new products for Spring/Summer 2015.

See Dirtbag Seat Cover HERE.

8 thoughts

  1. I love all my Ruffwear products and this looks great, however, I have a truck with a bench seat in the back and no headrests so this will not work for me. Are you going to make a version that will work for those vehicles without headrests?

    1. Hi Amber. Thanks for your question. As we get more requests like this, our product team will evaluate if they can come up with a viable and reliable solution. We have passed this request on so they know that there is a need for this. Thanks!!

  2. We just got new vehicles and have had trouble finding a rear seat cover that does not slip on leather seats when the dog jumps in. What is the backing on the this like and has it been tested on leather seats?

    1. Hi Indika, Thanks for the note! The fabric does have a non-slip backing. During testing, we had a couple of people with leather seats test it and they initially had some slipping challenges. Based on their feedback, we added the stuffer cleats and a snap closure for the outer seat belts to help hold the seat cover in place. Our testers found that these additions helped a lot. Some of them still noticed some slipping, but less than before the refinements. If you try one, let us know how it works for you!

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