Celebrating Office Dogs is a blog series where we pay tribute to the companies that embrace the canine culture and allow their employees to bring their dogs to work.

At Ruffwear, we know there are many benefits to having our canine sidekicks by our side but we wanted to explore the benefits that other companies see in opening their offices to dogs, what special accommodations (if any) they put in place to make the office dog-friendly, and hear their inspiring and, at times hilarious, office dog stories.

the_dps_logo_HiResFor this installment, we are highlighting DPS Skis. Based at the base of the Wasatch in Salt Lake City, the folks at DPS know a thing or two about skiing deep powder. They combine their passions of skiing big lines with a drive for impeccable design to create truly unique and world class skis. After we saw the trailer for the recent award winning film “Sun Dog,” we knew that DPS is a company that appreciates the bond forged through adventure between canine and human. For the tight-knit crew at DPS, sharing their office with their dogs is just a natural way to balance the work-life equation.

We were excited to get the opportunity to ask Erme Catino to share his thoughts on their employee dogs and how they shape the office culture. Enjoy!

enander_o_34261_plus copyQ: How many employees are in the office at DPS Skis?

There are thirty total employees, including our factory. There are twelve in our Salt Lake City Ski Salon.

Q: How many dogs come to the office on an average day?

It can vary between three-four at our Salt Lake City Ski Salon. The DPS office is pretty small for even the 12 staff members, so between the R+D test skis scattered about and assortment of desks, the dogs give it a charming/cozy feel.


Q: Are there any unique changes or things that your company has done to accommodate dogs in the office?

We have the standard communal food and water bowls, and the pups receive all sorts of treats from the office manager along with intermittent walking breaks throughout the day. We didn’t change anything in particular to accommodate the dogs per se. The DPS office is a small, tight-knit crew, and the dogs are part of the work family. When one dog visits who hasn’t been around in a little while, it brightens everyone’s day.

Q: What do you see as the benefits of having dogs in the office?

They’re fun and part of the family. They’re also inspiration for some of our soft good/accessory names… See below.

Q: Can you share your funniest or favorite office dog moment?

Each of the dogs have their own personality – be it shy, calm, or just plain “bear-like”. Jaime, our office manager’s dog is the small, feisty one and always seems to get into trouble. Two summers ago, ‘Crayon’ thought she’d take it upon herself to run out of the backdoor and bark at everyone, dog or person walking by. SLC can be hot in the summer, so we couldn’t close the door, hence Crayon began barking and running out every afternoon. At the time we were designing a DPS flatbrim hat to complement our skis. We called it the Crayonix, because it had a rough look just like Crayon’s summer battles in the back of the office. We eventually had to turn the air conditioner up and keep the back door closed…

Q: Leashed in the office or free range?

Free range.

photo (18)Q: What dog in your office would win the “adventure dog of the office” award?

Probably my dog Mansfield. She’s a Bernese Mountain Dog and has been on long backpacking trips/hikes in the summer, yurt trips for backcountry skiing, and is a regular in the Wasatch dog-allowable terrain in the winter. She loves backcountry skiing, and chases our tails in deep powder.

We would like to thank Erme and DPS Skis for taking the time to share their office dog experiences with us. We love to see happy dogs coming to work with their humans daily.

For some great inspiration, check out this DPS Cinematic video “Sun Dog”

Stay tuned for future editions of Celebrating Office Dogs.

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  1. I so wish I could bring my dogs to work! I think this is really cool of companies to do. Plus nobody is rushing home to let the dogs out…

  2. I work for a natural history museum in the beautiful Adirondack Park that is dog friendly. We take our work breaks and play with the dogs in the snow – including skijoring on our trails! Life is so much better with dogs at work 😉

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