When you open your closet, do you have a different jacket for every activity or weather condition?

While it is nice to have specific coats for various activities or conditions, it is also nice to have that one “go-to” jacket for everyday use – the one piece of gear that gets used more than any other highly condition-specific item.

When it comes to dog coats, that “one coat” is the K-9 Overcoat™.


The K-9 Overcoat is our classic cool-weather utility jacket. The abrasion and weather resistant outer shell is made of recycled polyester – providing durable protection that will withstand year after year of abuse. While the recycled inner fleece lining provides warm, soft comfortable insulation to retain body heat.

Other highlights include:

  • Auto-lock buckles that are sheltered (hidden under the outer shell) to increase durability and prevent snagging as the dog brushes up against branches and trees
  • Elastic webbing that provides a slim athletic fit while allowing the coat to move with your dog
  • Reflective trim for enhanced visibility
  • Light Loop near the collar for attaching The Beacon™ or any other safety light


If you are looking for one jacket to work for all of your cold weather adventures, year after year, then don’t leave home without the K-9 Overcoat.

Shop the K-9 Overcoat HERE.

Shop all dog coats HERE.

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