While out on the trail, dogs have an incredible ability to keep pushing on, no matter what. Then, when you get home, they grab their favorite toy and drop it at your feet, as if to say, “is that all you got?” But once back inside, dogs also have an incredible ability to sleep… a lot. As I write this now, my dog is sound asleep, nestled by the chair at my desk.

Though dogs typically do not sleep as deeply as humans, they do sleep more. On average, dogs sleep anywhere from 12-16 hours a day*. The actual amount depends on a number of factors, including age, size and lifestyle. Knowing that our intrepid adventure partners sleep for 50-60% of each day, we set out to create the ultimate après adventure bed.


Our newly redesigned Urban Sprawl™ dog bed is more than just a large, plush dog bed. We have taken all of the key features that people (and dogs) love of our Mt. Bachelor Pad, including a waterproof base, soft micro-suede sleeping surface and machine washable cover, and added a six-inch thick, dual-density mattress, providing the option of a soft or firm sleeping surface.

Simply pull the mattress out of the zippered bed cover and flip it over to change from firm to soft, or vice versa.


Why the options? Here are a couple of reasons why you would choose one over the other:


  • Cozy when the temperatures are cool
  • Post adventure recovery comfort


  • Perfect for older dogs who struggle to get in and out of a soft bed
  • Cooler for dogs when the temperatures are hot

Knowing that your dog sleeps for half of the day or more, provide them with the best bed possible. With the built in handle, it is even easy to transport it to the back of the car, for the ultimate in road trip comfort.

A well-rested dog makes for an excellent trail dog.

Learn more and shop Urban Sprawl Dog Beds HERE.

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