Three weeks ago, we sent our Huckama and Turnup durable natural rubber dog toys to five worthy Toy Destroyers. These five dogs were selected based their historic ability to tear apart most toys that they get, quickly and vigorously. After three full weeks with these toys, we are pleased to say that the toys are still whole!

Here are the updates from the field for the third and final week. Stay tuned, we may reveal the secret to these toys.


ryker-ruffwear-week3-4983Hard to believe it’s been three weeks already with the Huckama. The Huckama has held up exceedingly well for my toy destroying, brindle monster and I’m very, very pleased with it. We are actually going to be getting the Turnup to give around as well, and spoke with a few folks who were looking for sturdy toys while we were out shopping for dog food to head on over to for the Huckama or the Turnup for their toy destroyers too!
I don’t have enough time to be able to write down how much I absolutely adore this toy. It has been one of the sturdiest rubber toys we’ve had the chance to own and love. I can definitely see buying more in the future when they finally manage to kill this one (which will actually take quite some time for once!). The splits haven’t seemed to really progress any further but he’s been a little more gentle on it this week since it’s been so chilly out that he hasn’t been outside beating the orange off of it.
ryker-ruffwear-week3-4954Durability is one of the biggest problems we’ve found with toys and we’ve tried just about everything on the market – but this toy has been a hit. Not only with Ryker, but also with the rest of our hoard who he has politely shared it with on an occasion. So, along with being durable, it has had some major curb appeal even with our pickiest dogs.
I really did try and find something I’d change, but other than having color choice options (it’s a girlie thing!), I’ve got nothing. This toy has the perfect shape and texture to it to be appealing and strong at the same time. The holes to stuff goodies into means I can turn this into not just a toss and go toy but also a working puzzle toy that isn’t too hard to figure out but provides entertainment none the less. It has been an absolute blast to have this toy in our house and I know Ryker will be looking forward to many more months (heck, maybe even years!) of abuse with it!

– Amanda 



Week three was as great as the first. The Turnup was a huge success with Henri. It is in just as good shape now as when we first got it and Henri gave it as much abuse as she could. Henri really loves playing with the Turnup, the crazy bounces have kept her entertained to no end.
As far as expectations go I can say the Turnup exceeded them. It was smaller than I’d normally pick for Henri but it quickly became her favorite.

We have another brand’s treat ball, which is sort of similar but Henri has never paid any attention to it unless it has the treats in it. The way that one is designed it really only works with their proprietary treats, that seem to be more expensive than necessary. The Turnup kept Henri’s interest both with & without treats and we could use any treats we liked with it as well.

Overall this thing is a big win and I can only guess the Huckarama is on par with the Turnup.

Thanks again so much for choosing us to be part of this challenge!

– Matt  T.


ari w3 2

ari w3 4The Huckama is still holding up great! The crack might have gotten slightly deeper this week, but it’s hard to tell. I did notice another tiny crack starting to form in another opening, but it was too hard to photograph.

To compare the Huckama to other rubber toys, it’s by far the sturdiest toy Ari’s had that I can definitively call fun. Most super tough dog toys are so tough that it sucks the fun right out of them, which is a shame. Ari has a different favorite toy of all time, because of it’s extreme chewability, but she literally chewed it into tiny pieces within a few weeks. The Huckama doesn’t have quite the same level of chewability, but I’m not at all worried that she’ll chew it up and choke on it when I’m not looking.

My only suggestion for the toy would be to reinforce the openings in some way to improve the durability and longevity. In my experience, treat openings are a toy’s biggest weakness and where all rips and tears begin. This photo is a bit blurry, but I wanted to capture just how much Ari flattens the toy every time she closes her jaws, which is hundreds of times a day.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with this toy. Ari loves it, it’s super fun to chew and chase, the shape and color are great, and it’s one of the most durable dog toys I’ve ever encountered (which is almost all of them)!

– Grace S.



The Huckama has met and exceeded my expectations.

It is held up against Dozer’s wear and tear on it, along with taking it to the park weekly and to the reservoir. There is little to no wear or tear on it and know it will hold up for at least a year. The Huckama is a top quality toy and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good durable toy for their dog.

Other toys I have tried with dozer barely last a week before I have to throw it away. The “Jolly ball”has been the only rubber toy comparable to the Huckama. I love the design, along with the color and also love how you can stuff treats inside. I would not change anything about the Huckama.

Thank you for including Dozer and I on this adventure we greatly appreciate it playing with the Huckama.

Lindsey S.


Maya Water Fun 1

Maya’s Turnup is still holding up great!

This week we used the toy to do some water retrieving and Maya had a blast with it. The Turnup has surpassed our expectations for durability. I really am surprised she has not managed to put a tear in it anywhere. She has played fetch with it, rolled it around to get treats out, bounced it around on the hardwood floors in the house, and plain old laid down and chewed on it and it is still going strong.

Maya has a couple of other favorite rubber toys. They are great as well, but she usually manages to pull parts off the ball and will eat them so we have to take it away eventually. Not so with the Turnup! And the Turnup has the advantage of the crazy bouncing pattern due to its shape.

Although the size ended up working fine for Maya, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Turnup be a little bigger and maybe in different colors. We are 200% satisfied with the Turnup though. We would highly recommend it to any dog out there, even the toughest chewers.

– Sara A.

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